Labour in 2011 & National in 2002

There are remarkable similarities of between to the two campaigns. Bill English’s shockingly bad campaign in 2002 included 72 policies on all sorts of stuff that no one cared about, no real leadership with anyone who wanted to releasing policy and Bill doing some stupid photo ops like getting the shit beaten out of him in a boxing ring.

Fast forward to 2011 and the same thing is happening. Labour are releasing dumb policies on things like compulsory school sport, removing three strikes and rainbow policies, instead of talking about the things that matter like Jobs, Health and Education. This stupidity has been multiplied by not having a strong leader, with Phil Goff not even releasing policies, and now we have him doing stupid photo shoots too.

It looks like Phil is trying to beat Bill’s awful record.


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  • Bawaugh

    The only question – do they have someone in the wings who will grab the appeal of the voters like Don Brash did with the orewa speech.

  • middleagedwhiteguy

    What will it take for Phil Goff to step into a boxing ring??????

  • Alex

    I would pay good money to see anyone in the Labour party take on Key in the ring, though I would pay even better money to see Mallard vs Key. The moronic Hutt bruiser would dominate the lily livered sook.

    • Bullshit, Mallard is a coward, he won;t get in the ring with me. What are you are his boy-friend?