Labour is the nasty party, Ctd

Phil Goff said that Labour is focussing on policy, not personality. Is this yet another case of Labour and Phil Goff saying one thing and doing another?

Let’s have a look at the evidence shall we.

Of the last 15 posts on Red Alert:

the leader of the national party even hiding from granny herald live chat – Personality attack
Jacinda to upset – Personality not Policy
iPredict getting tighter – Not Policy
Who pays for Rena – the questions the leader of the national party has to answer – Personality attack but some policy
You Can’t Hide if You are Prime Minister #2 – Personality attack
@NZNational says it was a real town hall meeting  – Personality attack, outright lies
Nek Minnit National – Leadership ? – Personality attack
Tweet of the Week – no policy, just focussing on the things that matter, like Twitter.
Everyone’s talking about asset sales, including National – Policy
Labour with Auckland will deliver City Rail Link – Policy
TVC to get rail link vote Labour – Policy
National sleepwalking – see this months activity plan – Personality attack
John Key and National want 100% of kids above average – Personality attack
English flicks Merrill Lynch excesses – Personality Attacks
Nek Minnit National – The Economy – Personality attacks

UPDATE: 16 posts now and another personality attack (#Keyhole for fact check)

So just three on policy, the vast majority on personality attacks. It certainly looks like Phil Goff’s promise to debate on policy and not personality is rather hollow right now.


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  • Ghostwhowalksnz

    If it was a real town hall meeting, why did Key say he knew the questions?

    The whole thing was done by a control freak- if it was real meeting  with real questions  Key more than likely would have  shined. Thats the irony, he is quite good at these things- most of the time

  • Whale I am certain NZ is filled with a lot of competent people who have the inclination and know-how to find out that Labour is all talk no substance, that they say one thing and do another (e.g. don’t use Crown Limo but then go and use it – brilliant find btw!).

    Watching tonight’s debate I almost felt sorry for Goff – but then I also feel sorry for stray dogs….

  • Whafe

    Even if policies from Labour were possibly good etc etc, the fact that the MP’s pushing these policies are pretty much contradicting nasty bastaaards, so you need more than policies…. They obviously have not worked that out yet!

  • Troy

    Yes he appeared to demonstrate his dark side during the tv debate – he pitched in at every opportunity without allowing the listeners (us) to hear what Key was saying… frankly, Key kept his cool – Goff struggled to show that he is prime ministerial – that alone I think will determine the result of this election.  BTW I am sure most will be able to recall times in the past where Goff has lied – holier than thou he ain’t.