Labour is the nasty party, Ctd

Let me guess Trevor, an American Bagman? Secret H-Fees?

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  • Mully

    They really are thick as pig shit – they clearly learned nothing from the H-Fee thing. And they’ve spent almost three years trying to fling mud while their poll ratings have fallen away.

  • Jester

    Let’s face it. Trevs a fuckwit!

  • Ghostwhowalksnz

    Harden up Princesses……. life is going to get interesting. Were you expecting sunday school.
     All that smiling and waving has come home to roost and its covered with oil

    • Gazzaw

      Covered with oil? That’s more than can be said for Phil’s shiny shoes.

    • Jester

      Hardly suprising that fuckwit Mallard has been given the task of handling this smear. Who else is better placed than the Minister of Extra-Marital Affairs.

      What is suprising is that fuckwit Mallard is not up at Rena HQ, afterall must be lots of wives of salvagers, “search and rescue” and other heroes wives that need servicing in their absence.

      His kids must be real proud.

      • He is in Auckland having some convenient meetings so he could attend two World Cup games in one weekend. The troughing of this man knows no bounds.

  • Anonymous

    Spill the beans then , Tinkerbell Mallard, the only reason you won`t is cos you`re too gutless.
    You prefer to hide behind innuendo and whispers, typical fucking politician too thick to understand  why you will be on the opposition benches for 3 more years. Coward.

  • Monty

    Piss off Trevor – you are a pathetic desperate lying arsehole

  • GPT

    Typical.  Making the little lie (slow response) fact by using a big lie (that there was some deep dark secret).  Unfit for office.

  • ltchop

    The National Party are spinning so fast at present – they want to be careful that they don’t fall off the merry go round ! After viewing Q+A this morning – should have been pre warned as a ‘Broadcast on behalf of the National Party’ – we see the style of tactic being used- electioneering painted up as nice social chats and stories – one only needs to see the Maggie piece in the WW this week to see more of smarm we will see in the weeks to come. This government is attempting to rise on the oil slick is has created for itself – we will see what the electorate thinks once the soft lights and slippery side steps are given the scrutiny they deserve.

    • Paranoid delusions of a Labour felchtard…you fuckers have been saying that for years. How’s that plan working out for you.

      • Jester

        I think they believe that if they say it often enough it may come

        Sadly for them the electorate has a long memory. Nobody can forget what a bunch of fucked up useless cunts they were whilst in power.

        • ltchop

          Oh typical WO etc response – just spew abuse … nasty is as nasty does ….

          • Jester

            Sex and travel Chop, sex and travel!

          • ltchop

            … and the diseases it brings home Jest ….. sunlight is a great antiseptic …..

          • Jester

            Every day is sunny in my world Chop, and every day that JK and the team keeps your train wreck party in political limbo the sun just keeps shining brighter:)

            Anyway off to the shops, Jim Hickeys predicting a high to settle over NZ for the next 3 Years so I better stock up on aloe Vera. I will keep an eye out for an umbrella for you, as your forecast in shitsville ain’t as good

            Later Choppers

  • Paulus

    Lovely to see Mallard in Dinner Jacket in todays Herald, at a RWC function. Hippocrite.
    Should have worn a black tracksuit like his Wellington “Chucky” colleague did the other week at an official function.

  • kevin

    You can’t just jump on the ship and start salvage… unfortunately there are ‘legal’ issues which bog the process somewhat.

  • Anonymous

    Trevor Mallard is like a worn put record, he must have only just accepted defeat and then is thinking, oh well who cares, what can “they” do?

    This happens prior to each election that Mallard contests…..

    A true nasty bastard

  • It’s an “untold story” because Mallard and Pete Hodgson haven’t had the meeting yet where they make up the smear.

    FFS; do these clowns learn nothing?

    • Anonymous

      Inv2, as we have all discussed many many times, no they don’t learn… They are obviously not capable of learning…. Ones brain must want to learn also…

  • Guest

    Maybe duckie is whipping up a Zionist conspiracy. Afterall the Rena is supposedly owned by the Ofers, based in Israel.