Labour = Lies

A new low for obnoxious Northland principal Pat Newman. The Labour candidate for Whangarei has been caught lying on RNZ (Streaming Audioby Anne Tolley (

Stupid Sue Moroney hadn’t the sense to check if the story was true, so put out a release repeating all the lies.

Do these people not think their lies will be found out?

I doubt there will there be a public apology from the loyal Labour footsoldiers at Morning Report, who were quite happy to repeat Newman’s garbage?

This close to the election, how appropriate was it for RNZ to run a story based on the rantings of a Labour candidate, which had no basis in truth?

National should be looking very closely at the funding for this bunch, which is nothing more than the broadcast section of the Labour comms unit.


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  • Miss

    Do a little more research, Whale Oil.  Mr Newman actually had some facts.

    Anne Tolley was behind the eight ball on this one.  Her own Ministry owned up to the backgrounds of the people in question and their positions.

    You can hear the MOE’s reponse on Radio New Zealand’s Checkpoint.

  • whail oil is a joke

    Who are you? seriously…how about get a REAL JOB instead of writing about topics you have very little knowledge about.

    Your a joke to the blogging world…