Labour’s back to the future employment policy

Inspired by Nike releasing a limited edition of Marty McFly’s shoe Labour are going back to the future with their employment policy, but without the cool and cachet of Marty McFly’s shoe.

Phil Goff actually turned up for this policy launch and fronted with the sure fire vote winner Darien Fenton. I wonder what the Mad Butcher thinks of this policy.

What Darien wants is to take us back to the good old days of unions fighting massive battles with employers, grinding the country to a halt with lots of strikes where ideological unions fight battles against anyone who opposes their ideology. The problem is that there are so few union members left Darien has to impose defacto union membership on everyone by reintroducing National Awards, Centralised Wage Setting, and a Work Place Commission to tell employers what they have to pay and who they have to pay.

This is another policy that sucks air time from Labour’s campaign, appealing to their small group of union insiders rather than Waitakere Man and Woman who are a generation removed from unions and the ideological battles they wish they were still able to fight.

It certainly looks like Damien O’Connor was dead right when he talked about self serving unionists running Labour. Not only are they running Labour but also writing and dictating their policy.


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  • sbw125

    ‘Equally, a return to compulsory unionism is not the answer” Phil Goff.

    So why doesn’t this apply to students? Every other person gets to choose to join their union, but not students. So much for one law for all.

    Phil can’t hold a position for more than a minute. Poor Mrs Goff.

  • Yep; agree wholeheartedly. And I bet the Mad Butcher’s looking forward to having to pay all his staff the same, regardless of how much they add or detract value to/from the business; yeah right!

  • Jam_Sammie

    She has just proven she is the sad old numpty pinko we all knew she was. Oh and another bloody “department” to sort it all out…more useless civil servants raping my weekly wage packet. I’ll just add her to my collection of vacuous, cloth eared bints.

  • bringyourgrogalong

    For goodness sake, can you please remove the photo of this ugly bush pig from the site,  you are putting the fear of socialism into innocent children.

    • thor42

      Isn’t she/it UGLY!  Gawd…. Helen Clark still rules as the ugliest “woman” ever, but this “thing” is doing all it can to give her a run for her money.

  • jabba

    this is great .. the more Fenton and the likes of Silent C from the Greens are in the papers and on telly, the better it is for the right

  • Anonymous

    This is a policy pulled from the arse end of history in a drug fueled psychosis

  • Anonymous

    Cam, can you use Fenton’s billboard shot in future please.
    She’s a turkey. Will this policy do anything to attract the centre vote across to labour?

  • Ewwwwwww

  • Jester