Labour’s dirty tricks continue

Labour is betting the bank on getting John Banks. But as usual their attacks are based on smears, falsehoods and mistruths.

Sensing blood in the water, Labour has stepped up its attacks on Mr Banks, which have included leaflets highlighting some of the former Cabinet minister’s past statements, including racially charged comments and his unfavourable views on homosexuality.

Glad to see the media knows where those leaflets came from. I blogged about them days ago. David Parker tries to distance himself from them:

Yesterday, Mr Parker said he had nothing to do with the pamphlet, but he believed it was fair for Mr Banks to be held accountable for the comments now as they were “part of his political life”.

Yet the person who has been putting out those leaflets is actually an executive member of Young Labour. Make no mistake, David Parker knows exactly what is going on. Labour is front and centre mounting a dirty campaign just like they have always done.

Trevor Mallard of course isn’t far from the fray either calling on John Banks to pull out. Presumably on the flimsy basis that he once said something in 1978. Does anyone think that Levi Joule, the Young Labour Auckland regional executive could have come up with a quote from john Banks made more than 10 years before he was born without input from the Goffice?

If some thing you said in the 70s is the reason for you to resign then why is Mallard still there after getting conviction for obscene language in 1971.

Labour are pulling out all stops, watch this get real dirty. There is a reason though why Labour is desperate to see their proxies shop the murk, that is because in new Zealand voter tend to not like to see their politicians flinging the dirt, and if you fling too much sometimes you find some it gets returned in spades.

Labour has earned and deserves the reputation as new Zealand’s nasty party.


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  • Nick K

    David Parker and Trevor Mallard are both liars too.

  • Jimmy

    Smearing by proxy; now why does that sound familiar? Oh right, that’s the job of whaleoil et al.


  • Richard D’Ath

    Has Banks ever publicly resiled from any of those comments? If not, they are still relevant today.

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately, this sort of smear behaviour is just not confined to Labour and Greens. A prominent Auckland Nat who has being trying to win a nomination smeared an opposing local government politician over a three year period by defacing the person’s Wikipedia entry and other tactics.One can only hope that Nat members register their disapproval of this sort of thing by denying that person a nomination to any seat.

    • Get over yourself Peter. You really are a petulant little c*nt sometimes.

  • Samf

    What a gaggle of goners they all are.

  • allright

     If Mr Parker “believed it was fair for Mr Banks to be held accountable for the comments now as they were “part of his political life”. Then it should be okay to remind the voters about Goff liking asset sales and thinking that it is okay to have a business ta rate at 28% etc just to name a few…… Oh thats right….it is only mean nasty right-wingers that we can attack accorsing to the drips over at the standard… about the lefties having double standards…..

    If someone had the money they should do a series of Television adverts using goff quotes and showing how much he has changed over time.

    Whale….ver thought of using your roll goff clips on tv?  i would help fund your costs.

    • Would love to but politicians reseved the right to have political ads on tv only for themselves.