Labour’s whiny complaint rejected

Labour’s whiny complaint to the Broadcasting Standards Authority about RadioLive’s Prime Minister’s hour has been utterly rejected.

The Broadcasting Standards Authority has cleared RadioLIVE of any wrongdoing in having Prime Minister John Key host his own show.

A complaint laid by the Labour Party over the hour-long broadcast, The Prime Minister’s Hour, was not upheld because it did not fit the definition of an ‘election programme’, nor did it breach any standards.

The show was broadcast on RadioLIVE on September 30, 2011. Broadcasting election programmes within the election period is not permitted under section 70 of the Broadcasting Act.

Labour had argued that despite Mr Key and RadioLIVE’s promise election issues would not be discussed, the nature of the show and its proximity to an election effectively made it an advertisement for the Government.

The BSA disagreed, saying that although it could “see that some political advantage will accrue to the Prime Minister and the party to which he belongs from exposure of this kind… it it not for us to say whether this should or should not be permitted.

“We think it goes too far to say that when somebody makes it clear they will not discuss what can broadly be called political issues, this statement is a political statement.”

The BSA also says in Mr Key did not “actively encourage, persuade, advocate or oppose a political outcome”.


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  • thor42

    Good job! 

  • You left out the BEST LINE:

    The discussion on Coronation St was ruled “light flim flam and frivolity that are to be expected on this type of entertainment show”. The BSA called his comments “harmless”.

    A new campaign hoarding slogan?

    – Peter

  • Trev

    Why Labour can even get support in double figures ?? is beyond me while snivelling fuckwit Goff is at the helm….

    • Alan

       Poltics is tribal  there is always a base support that stays in the village. Even when the billy goat has been left in charge of the cabbage patch .