Len Brown?s agenda to railroad young people revealed

Len Brown is being sneaky and furtive again. This time continuing his attempts to railroad youth into doing this his way.

A report going to Local Boards proposing models for youth engagement can be revealed after staff on Auckland Council promised it would be released four days after October 3rd. A promise made but never kept. The report was sent to members of Len Brown?s Foundation Youth Advisory Panel but kept from members of the public to stifle debate on crucial models that will affect the relationship the council has with young people.

Since Len Brown won’t be open and transparent I will be. [document pdf]

The troubled youth panel set up by Len Brown was exposed last month for its budget of $90,000 on pet projects, catered food at meetings, flights, taxi rides, petrol reimbursement for kids along with phone top ups, with almost no evidence released to the public of the report the panel was originally set up to write.

The staff member responsible, Nandita Mathur publicly promised that the report proposing options for youth engagement in Auckland would be released after 4 days from a meeting of Len?s youth panel held on October 3rd but has since refused to release it. Len Brown showed up and at least tried to listen to the concerned youth who were present, while Michael ?Pinnochio? Goudie the councilor responsible was on an ?economic development? trip funded by Italian taxpayers never mind the fact Italy is an economic crisis implementing austerity cuts.

It?s now understood Nandita Mathur has forwarded this report to a number of sources, but is refusing to release it for the youth to have say on, even though the report concerns them! Can council staff get any more deceitful?

In the last month a growing number of young people have been complaining about why the report promised to them was not released and relaying their concerns about the direction the panel is heading in, notwithstanding the fact it claims to represent them whilst being unelected, with no accountability constraints and is largely unknown. The ?Auckland Youth Caucus? has been a key forum for debate where these concerns of young people and various local board members have been raised, many coming from the left. It?s clear the council staff know about these issues but are refusing to deal with these issues professionally at all because they don?t want debate and they certainly don?t want anyone, particularly young people to speak up about the wasteful tokenism they are trying to roll out over Auckland as this report shows.

The same staff member came under fire for ?accidentally? putting up a different report as an agenda attachment on the council?s website detailing a plan that would have extended the panel?s role costing ratepayers upwards of $330,000, seeing one panel member going public concerned at the panel?s direction.

The only political agenda being rammed through is coming from staff and Michael Goudie, with young people and local boards being locked out and attacked for speaking up. Youth have had no say in the process. Moreover, it?s known they have been actively bullying members of the panel and the young people who speak up in the media and behind closed doors making false accusations of political muckraking. They have no credibility at all. Now, when they are saying they going to release the report and then simply not releasing it, they are trying to stifle debate. It?s sickening to see staff playing games with an opportunity for Auckland lead the country in youth having some say in what goes on in their communities. Panel members need to realize that representing youth, begins with standing up for them, the staff said it would be public and they lied, they set up a panel anyone barely knows about, appointed by staff that are unaccountable except to Len Brown. This needs to be cleaned up.

I’ve always sought to throw sunlight on any dark situation, particularly the sneaky and furtive activities of Len Brown and his flunkies and when the voice of young people is under attack, that makes my mission all the more important. Local boards now have the opportunity to find a real solution that doesn?t waste money but does represent youth properly to solve the problems of youth engagement that have flourished due to the actions of Michael Goudie and his staff.

In the interests of shedding some light on the issue here is the report that council staff, presumably under instruction from Len Brown’s office refuse to share despite their promises to do so.

Perhaps the most shameful aspect to all of this is the capturing of Michael Goudie by the simple means of a few chairmanships of committees and a couple of extra baubles. He has abandoned his free wheeling skateboarding ways to become a lackey of Len Brown.

It seems Len Brown and Michael Goudie are colluding because they are upset their pet project for a bunch of left wing flunkies to control the FYAP has come un-stuck.

Confidential Working Draft FYAP report to Mayor