Len Brown is not the only council parasite

Len Brown is not the only council parasite. Read this from the Taranaki Daily News:

Almost $1000 was spent by the New Plymouth District Council wining and dining a potential employee.

A member of the public found a payment notice for the June dinner at L’Escargot Restaurant, totalling $922.25 and charged to the NPDC, on the street and handed it to the Taranaki Daily News.

Inquiries by the newspaper revealed the dinner, for eight, was part of the recruitment process for a senior member of council staff.

“For a very small number of senior vacancies where the position involves important relationships with key partners and sponsors, we will sometimes arrange a dinner or other social occasion to observe the preferred candidate’s social skills,” council communications manager Nick Maybury said.

He said the occasions were useful to introduce the “preferred candidate” to others who were not on the selection panel but whose support for the final appointment was important.

Mr Maybury said he had attended the dinner but would not name others in the party for privacy reasons. “The type of people we would invite includes relevant general managers, elected representatives, external stakeholders and their partners.”

Unfortunately for Mr Maybury I have already proved that you can’t keep dinner guest secret, I forced Len Brown to name his dinner guests at Volare after 6 months and much complaining to the Ombudsmen. The good folk of New Plymouth should likewise chase this issue.

Being secretive and furtive like Len Brown is so un-becoming.



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  • conwaycaptain

    I see that the Super City’s expert on underground tunnelling, Len Brown no less, is off to China to inspect some state of the art tunnelling machine.

  • Anonymous

    I have no problem with this – this is a valid part of an interview process. Hiring a dud would cost the Council many thousands of dollars both with lack of efficiency and the cost of paying out the dud (it is very difficult to prove ’cause’ in such cases). The Council CEO would also be most concerned that a prospective employee who has regular contact with councillors is able to ‘get along’ with the councillors and does not have any ‘attitude problems’ (eg ‘all councillors are bastards’).

    • Ben Ross

      Point in case – I would see no problem as well. $922 seems chump change compared to either inefficiencies that could be caused or a bloody golden handshake when trying get rid of a useless toss.

      Any case doesn’t the private sector do this as well?

      • excuse me

        What a private sector employer does with its own money is purely its business.

  • RKBee

    Rusty KaneI would like to know the names of the invites , the relevant general managers, elected representatives, external stakeholders and their partners.” I bet they are the same lot that are invited to all the main New Plymouth ratepayer funded events. Taranaki call them the Arty Farty crowed, few in number but big on having their hands deep in the New Plymouth ratepayers pocket.http://www.stuff.co.nz/taranaki-daily-news/opinion/5727471/Cup-more-than-half-full-for-lucky-few

  • Dion

    What’s the bet this person is a political crony of the mayor and that the decision to hire had already been made prior to the dinner?

  • Busman007

    troughers the lot of em , its probably the tip of the iceberg as is with most councils , unbelievable that Duynothing approved it !