Nothing less than a scandal, Ctd

I recently outed a smarmy dick of a principal who was using his school newsletter to slip in nasty anti-government messages.

Would you believe the tosser has done it again – only ten times worse.

Of course the nest of left-wing vipers in the NZPF/NZEI think this is wonderful because it allows their poison to go straight to parents and kids, hidden in the fluffy wrapping of school news.

As is usual these days, a mainstream paper followed up my last post about this Principal and went and got comments from the NZPF who unsurprisingly supported the brainwashing of pupils and parents via school newsletters.

However, New Zealand Principals’ Federation president Peter Simpson said he believed such comments were completely appropriate in a school newsletter.

“Education has become very political and I believe principals are leaders in their communities and have a right to express their concerns around the part of that community they lead, which is their school and education in the kids in that community.

“If they believe, which a lot do, that the current policies of this Government are dismantling [the current system], which is the term Neil used, I would say [they are] discrediting [it] for a political agenda.”

There was a lot of fear in the education sector that a lot of the world-class aspects of the New Zealand education system were under attack, he said.

“I don’t consider it to be cheap politicking. It’s a professional leader of a community commenting to his community about his beliefs,” said Mr Simpson.

The Nelson Mail should be ashamed of this. Content to trot out NZPF garbage and not holding this guy to account. Simpson is right though, there is a lot of fear, most of it un-founded and created and perpetrated by meddling union hacks like him.

This thick principal even admits he has lifted his views from a tin-foil hat nobody.

Rather than refusing to comment, the board chair should be pressing this guy’s ejector seat.

My South Island spies tell me this lazy principal thinks putting this crap out there will save him when the school’s national standards data is released.

Too bad sucker. Whale is watching.


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  • Anonymous

    They call this guy a respected leader?

    If he were a leader what he would be doing is calling an extraordinary meeting of the board of trustees of the school, invite all the parents, discuss and receive feedback from the community (parents) instead of pushing a political message that does not have any moderation or ability to attract feedback.

  • Agent BallSack

    It seems pretty obvious this guy cannot differentiate between his job and politics. Even worse…”More to come closer to the election” Sounding like a Labour party advertising campaign much? The guy is so unionised could he ever be trusted to just get on with his job of running a school and ensuring children are getting the best education from the best teachers he can provide, within the framework specified by the education ministry? Of course if it was Labours education policy the guy would be happier than a tapeworm in Parekura.

  • thor42

    Good on you WO!  Keep the heat on these bastards….

  • Agent BallSack

    Another thing…Takaka. Enough said. Probably a bylaw that you cant vote unless you live in a bus and wear hemp clothes.

  • Apolonia

    I hope either he or the school newsletter are registered as a third party for the election, or he could be in breach of the electoral act. No doubt if he was an exclusive breatheren doing the same thing the media would approach it differently.

  • Anonymous

    So ‘Tomorrow’s Schools’ is OK as long as the Board rolls over and lets the Principal and staff tickle its tummy. If the Board actually tries to impose *real* governance, then they start claiming that the school is [typo corrected] ‘dysfunctional’ and want the Board sacked.

  • diabolos

    Im not surprised they are worried that their self governing schools may be changed – they should be and urgently.  Principals and Teachers have used the self governing system with limited oversight from a neutered and disempowered ERO and MOE to their advantage.  They manipulate the BOT and treat them like mushrooms.  They make the BOT’s complicit in their actions and therefore the BOT’s feel they have to defend their position against all comers (or in reality – defend the Principal and Teachers) – often flying in the face of reality.  They close ranks against critical parents – they are undemocratic institutions that are not merely self governing – but also self-serving.  The BOTs become trapped in the web woven by their Management arm.

    One might be forgiven for thinking that the Nations Children are regarded by the state education system as simply a way of voting yourself an income.

    Either Home School – or Send your Children Private straight after Intermediate – because when they hit Secondary – the PC State School machinery run by Principals and Teachers will sort them into 3 camps – Sports Achievers, Academic Achievers – and the “rest”.  The ‘rest’ are relegated to the status of 2nd class citizens and the parents are treated accordingly.  Its the Trickle Down theory – only you are being pissed on from above without even the courtesy of calling it rain … you see – their version of National Standards is quite simply this … “we run with the groups that take less effort to educate and develop – and generate a maximum of kudos for us …”  The BOTs are populated by social climbers who are enamoured of their chance for glory and importance – sitting around a table rubberstamping the Teaching staffs world view.

    At least thats how i view it – right or wrong.  I am certain there are exceptions to the rule – but i havent seen many.

  • Cmc89

    schools newsletters encouraging people to vote or not vote for a party like this one need an authorisation statement and must be accounted for .this newsletter and the subsequent planned ones break the law

  • GPT

    If he was a decent teacher he might even know that in this country we do not abuse the English language by using a z where an s will do.  An apostrophe wouldn’t go astray either.  Is this an organization (sic) of one teacher or many?

  • phronesis

    Happy Birthday to Areta, Boston, Coco and Momo. Lets face it, these kids are screwed anyway. SFNS strikes again.

  • Abe

    Take the time to look up the Educational Review Office Report for his school dated July this year and you will see that he’s being a good little boy who has implemented National Standards quite successfully in Reading and Maths (writing not quite so  good!!) So what is the silly little prick up to? Why are the loudest protests about National Standards coming from Invercargill and Takaka?
    Have these two areas become the sharp point of educational thinking for New Zealand? God help us!!!

  • Milky Bar Kid

    Go to click on Our People and then Principal’s Blog.  Pinkos.

  • Anonymous

    “Public education will be a scapegoat to do with a crisis of confidence in capitalism and social democracy”

    Firstly: What? What on earth does he mean here and what sort of messy mind makes that connection? It’s reads like he’s poorly shoehorning in his own socio-political musings under the guise of education debate.

    Secondly: What!? What on earth does that have to do with improving kids’ education?

    Thirdly: What!!?

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  • Rightoverlabour

    As a teacher, I firmly believe that one’s own political leanings should not be made public in a school environment. This is not to say that political issues should not be debated. Teachers need to be seen as neutral in any discussion in a class or school. Alienating those who disagree with you is not a wise move in education. What this principal is doing is very unprofessional. Of course the communists who inhabit many of our classrooms will disagree….

  • Chris

    Thought Tomorrow’s Schools came in in 1989, not 1999, and his grammar, especially being a teacher, is abysmal.

    But isn’t his point about free speech in a democracy a valid one?  Might be a different story if he was a first tier public servant and not an employee of a so-called independent crown entity, but if he’s not breaking the law what’s wrong with him entering the debate, or even lobbying for change?  Aren’t your criticisms aimed more at the fact the guy’s got a different view on national standards to yours and no doubt on politics generally?  If he ain’t breaking the law surely he’s got a right to speak out?

    • Anonymous

      I think it’s his medium for doing so, more than anything. Promoting your personal political views via a school newsletter is (at best) tacky.

    • Kimbo

      …unless he is an Exclusive Brethren, desiganated one of the “Hollow Men”, or a client of Crosby Textor, even though they used their own financial resources and and exercising freedom of speech in their own time.

      Then his freedom of speech must be authorised.

  • Alex

    What I should like to know is whether Principals and teachers are bound by the same apolitical obligations as other Public Servants are as prescribed by the State Services Commissioner.  If not, when they are returned to government, National should get the law changed so that principals and teachers are bound

    • Chris

      But then that would mean principals would be denied free speech completely, not just, if we accept McRocky’s point, having a rant in the school newsletter.  Would you want to prevent a principal writing a piece against national standards that gets published in some inane magazine like The Listener or North & South, or say they can’t voice their concerns about education policy in a letter to an editor?  FFS – what kind of police state do you want?  Would you be saying the same thing if the Legalise Cannabis Party were the government and a principal wanted to speak out against a policy of allowing students over 16 to smoke pot at lunchtimes? 

      • diabolos

        Public Servants have been bound by constraints for decades well before tomorrows schools.  If you complain to the Minister of Education and then also seek direction from either the MOE or ERO – MOE and ERO staff will tell you quite rightly – that as they are a public servant they cannot respond to your complaint.

        It isnt a Police State that Alex proposes or endorses – its due process and expectation of a veryreasonable sort – these people (teachers etc) are taxpayer funded.  They are not free agents from their obligation to deliver on a service and follow directives on that service or (like the rest of us great unwashed who arent well paid Public Servants) they should sling their hook and find another occupation that allows their nonsense.

        You cant work for a tobacco company and campaign against the evils of tobacco.  I’d like to see anyone try.  Extreme thought i know – but best i could dredge up at the time.

        These people arent leftists, communists or any sort of “ist” at all – what they are is a privileged ‘caste’ who have come to suffer from a sense of entitlement – given full rein by the tomorrows schools botchup.  They use your children as a weapon against you – the taxpayer.  There is nothing vaguely socialist or working class about the self governing state funded school – its a group of federated little tribes being governed by a set of people who shouldnt be left to manage a pissup at a brewery – particularly in the Secondary Sector.  And they are having input to your children peddling a flawed system and a culture that is based around making life easy for them – not for you or your children.  They arent socialists – they are an elite.

        There are many schools particularly in the primary and intermediate sector who are laudable.  But there are many who exemplify what i outline above – particularly in the secondary sector.

        The most stress some of them face in their day – is whether the hall lights have been left on or not.  Thats why they need 12 plus weeks of paid leave.

        Many teachers are heroes.  As said by Napoleon of the British Heavy Cavalry … “the finest horseman – and the worst led ….”

        At Private Schools you pay big bucks and you get no argument – when you say jump – they say “how high”.   So who exactly is the elite in this argument.  Certainly not the expensive private educational institutions.

      • Anonymous

        I’m not saying he shouldn’t have the right to do it, so get out of here with your ridiculous hyperbole. I’m saying he’s a tasteless asshole for pushing his political agenda in a school newsletter. My kids skim the school newsletter from time to time, and I don’t want them getting a sermon from someone who’s supposed to be teaching them, not propagandising them.

        • Chris

          “I’m not saying he shouldn’t have the right to do it, so get out of here
          with your ridiculous hyperbole. I’m saying he’s a tasteless asshole for
          pushing his political agenda in a school newsletter.” – Read what I said again. I  accepted your point about the principal refraining from using the school newsletter to push his personal views.  Good to see you agree that he should still have the right to criticise government education policy, albeit in a different setting.  “[S]o get out of here
          with your ridiculous hyperbole”?  No, you just need to read properly before you get all hot and bothered.

      • Alex

        Chris, I’ll make a shocking revelation: I’m a civil servant, a government lawyer to be exact.  My job obligates me to obey the lawful directives of my Minister, and I cannot publicly criticise the Minister’s decision.  This is whether the Minister is National, Labour or any other party.  Public service neutrality is that I must do my job without any political considerations.  There is also a public sector policy concerning standing in the General Election — you must take leave from you position on writ day, and must resign if elected. 

        This doesn’t stop me from criticising politicians, or from being involved in a political party.  However, I must at all times make sure that any criticism I make is clearly made in a private capacity as an individual.  If I don’t do that, I will be disciplined and possibly sacked.  This same principle should apply to principals and teachers.  They are free to criticise the government in their private capacity; they are not permitted to do so in the capacity of a teacher or principal.

  • Heads up from Spanishbride. WO is off hunting and has just discovered that the internet is down and he cannot post! I told him to keep shooting bunnies until he feels better. On the way he also had a van roll in front of him and stopped to help so serious bunny hunting is required now to de stress. Run rabbit run is all I can say :)

  • Alan

    To use the Schools weekly news letter to pedal  doctrine is ignorant. It’s also arrogant
    most of these news letters are funded by local businesses who pay to advertise. I wonder how they feel about it all. My expereinece has been the top Leaders in education keep their politics at the school gate, even if they have strong views.  

  • Miss

    Again, many are quick to make a judgement based on them thinking that because a principal or teacher works at a state school they should shut up and do as they are told.

    How about actually looking at the issue these people bring up and doing a bit of investigating for yourself rather than reading what bloggers or their followers have to say and sucking that up and believing it.

    Since you are all able to write a response to this blog, do the following:
    a)    thank a teacher that you can read and write – I bet these things didn’t happen on their own (and you can include your own parents if they taught you);
    b)    go to google and search out papers for and against National Standards and read – then come to your own informed opinion;
    c)    go and talk to a variety of teachers and principals and find out why they are either for or against NS, or have no opinion.

    Then come back and tell us about what you have learnt.

    And finally, make an informed voting decision on 26th November.

    • diabolos

      I have to agree with you – National Standards as tolley wants them is not the answer.  Its a one dimensional approach – mostly because no one actually understands them or how they are meant to work.  Neither side of the argument are coolly and calmly presenting the actual facts about these National Standards.  

      Thats why people respond to bloggers etc – they arent sucking it up or believing it Miss – they are genuinely flummoxed.

      It looks as though teachers dont want any measurements in place – you cant blame people for that.

      So let me put it back on you and the teachers – tell us in definitive terms – dont launch attacks on Tolley etc via means that are not exactly very pukkah sahib.  Tell us clearly and unequivocally instead of this fragmented approach as with the Principal in question.

    • tl;dr

    • Dion

      With respect, that’s not the point.  This is about a school principal publicly making political statements and criticising his employer in his capacity as a school principal.

      In any place other than a school, this kind of thing would be totally unacceptable and would likely to get him fired.