Occupy New Plymouth #Fail

via the tipline

Further to your “Stupid Hippies” post, here is a photo of the Occupy New Plymouth taken at ~16:00 yesterday.  There were apparently more there initially for the photo op then they buggered off.

Occupy New Plymouth is a real success….looks like they are the 1% or even less.


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  • thor42

    Hahahahaha…….  :D  Hilarious!  Is that Minto there on the right? Looks like the moaning old prick.

    • greenmuppet

      J Minto was the first thing that crossed my mind when I saw the post & the pic :))  Thank you, good sir thor42. 

      I think whale has got it wrong, it’s close to 100% (not 1%) if you put common sense into perspective.

  • RKBee

    Off-course this could also be the 1% of the 99% that meet at the official meeting place on the other side of the courthouse on New Plymouth’s main street Devon St outside the Clock Tower. 

  • Spider_Pig

    I took the photo.  Other than the 5 you can see, there was a guy with a top hat and 3 others sitting around a tree playing guitars.  They weren’t really getting into it.

  • Orangenz

    Does it really count if they don’t have tents?

  • RKBee

    Must be the fluoride in the water… Hippies are usually always into it.
    Whale said..  There were apparently more there initially then they buggered off.
    Surly you taking a photo wasn’t the photo op. Unless off-course your the official Taranaki Daily News reporter.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe all of the disaffected workers are out on the multi-national oil rigs pulling $9k a month plus all found.

  • RKBee

    As I suspected.. The photo in the Taranaki Daily News today shows a picture full of mainly young mums and their kids.. not hippies protesting against corporate crime. The caption under the photo says’s.. Taranaki residents came out in strength on Saturday to support the Wall St protesters.


    Whale.. most of the time your tipline blogs are on the money..  but not on this one.

    • Spider_Pig

      So are you implying I’ve somehow faked the photo by dressing up a bunch of unemployed people and giving them signs?  You clearly give me too much credit.  This was taken 4 hours after the protest started.  The protest movement is called “Occupy” and I think the intention is to occupy something for more than the time taken to get your photo in the local rag.  Turning up for the photo op and buggering off doesn’t show much commitment to the cause.