On Martyn

Joanne Black has had the misfortune to appear on Jim Mora’s panel with Martyn Bradbury, she writes about it int he Listener:


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  • Mully

    Poor little scamp. Sad, really.

  • Petal

    Where does the man’s income come from?  How does he pay his bills?

  • Chris

    Interesting Joanne Black is having a go at someone’s lack of journalistic balance.  Take a look at her columns in the Listener – they’re far from balanced and and almost always show which side of the political fence she’s on.  Nothing wrong with this per se, but if you’re going to do this you have to be upfront about it, which Black is not.  She’s put herself in the traditional “objective, non-partisan, state all the facts, wrap up with a balanced conclusion” camp but fails abysmally – her personal biases come through every time with predictable patterns of similar conclusions combined with subtle but usually obvious omissions of facts that contradict her viewpoint.  If Black wants to write critically from a political perspective she needs to be honest about it, but she ain’t.  What’s interesting, though, is that if Black was (openly) open about her political colours and truly did try to hold herself out as a commentator rather than a journalist she’d still fail because the poor woman would still have to overcome what for someone in her position is a fairly major handicap, which is that she can’t write.

  • Doc

    Please tell me that bombers eyes have been photo-shopped.