Only Teachers would be angered by excellence

The teachers unions are cutting up rough again, this time because the government is seeking the recruitment of “high calibre” teachers:

Ian Leckie, the president of education sector union NZEI, said Mrs Tolley was insulting teachers by suggesting quality was not already the key factor in appointments.

“It’s degrading to suggest that there are a whole lot of teachers out there who shouldn’t be there,” Mr Leckie said.

“There has never been a notion of ‘any person will do’, and in fact entry criteria into the profession is well established and well fed by the New Zealand Teachers Council.

“There are checks and balances in place to in fact ensure quality rather than just set numbers.”

Remember this is the same guy who was front and centre in opposing National Standards. We know that his claims now are crocodile tears. The teachers unions have no interest in quality, they are there to preserve the domain on inadequacy and mediocrity.

It is high time that the state sector unions were bashed into submission.


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  • You can not tell a high calibre teacher from their degree. The best way to reward top teachers and to find them is the exact same way I was evaluated as a trainee teacher.
    I would be out on section at a school and I would be observed during a lesson. They would see first hand my class control or lack of. My lesson planning, whether or not the class was engaged. Whether or not I had pitched it at the right level for their abilities, whether or not it was interesting, how I interacted with the students.

    When I was employed as a teacher I was sent one year on a training course. We had to use the technique we had just been taught and do a presentation to the other teachers in the class. I did mine and then watched another teacher do hers. I was shocked. She was nervous and unsure and boring. She was not highly skilled yet she had been teaching for a number of years longer than me.

  • beanyboy

    The statement “There has never been a notion of ‘any person will do” Is complete bullshit, when I was in high school (Okay we are talking the 90’s here) We had a teacher in 4th form Social Studies who could not speak english, you would ask her a question and she would just stand there. After complaining to the dean and the head of social studies we were told that she was the teacher and thats that. The entire class failed.

  • Evadne

    Failed in the real world?  Then why not be a teacher:

    (Plenty more great reasons to be a teacher from Armstrong & Miller on youtube)