Or they could lose weight

Liberty Caroline has a message for fat chicks:

I got to thinking about fat chicks. (Yes, I know, it’s not PC to use the word ‘fat’, but that’s never stopped me.)

I’m always surprised at how fat chicks seem to like dressing in sacks. They dress up in just about anything at all – horrible, drab, OLD stuff that should never have appeared on their bodies. Styles that look good on skinny chicks but only show up a fat chick’s rolls of lard. They seem to have no pride in themselves at all.

They use the excuse that there’s nothing nice out there for fat chicks. Or they say that what there IS is too expensive. So they sit at home feeling sorry for themselves and don’t bother to find out what they can do to improve things.

Well I’m SORRY but it just doesn’t cut the mustard! There ARE nice clothes out there – even at places like Farmers and the Warehouse, not known for haute couture! Budget stuff, wisely chosen, can make a HUGE difference to the way a person looks. But it MUST be wisely chosen – not just something picked because it’s in fashion. I’d like to see fat chicks have a little pride and try just a wee bit to look better – get familiar with what colour and style suit them. They can then develop some self esteem and have people treat them better.

Or they could…you know..lose weight.


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  • jonno1

    Reminds me of a letterbox sign I saw once at Mount Maunganui: “No circulars, no junk mail, no fat chicks”.

  • Bob

  • Kthxbai

    “Or they could…you know..lose weight.”

    What?  So some slob of a fat guy will then consider them worthy of his fantastic attentions?

    • johnopkb

      kinda depends on just how much they lose

    • Too right – the fat ones are usually the married & divorced ones & the hot bod ones are usually tools……it’s a desert out there. But given that the average NZ woman has an average of 20 partners by the time they hit their 20s clearly fat still means shaggable so who cares if they prefer fat pants to some poorly made couture rip off.

  • Mike

    Fat chicks don’t care about their appearance, if they did they wouldn’t be fat chicks!

    • Spoken like a man with a small dick

      • Mike

        It’s not the size that matters, it’s what you do with it (this does not apply to fat chicks).

        • Now that is just a fallacy. Sorry buddy but only men say size doesn’t matter. Women say it does. If you aint got the girth you don’t get the turf. Simple maths really.

  • John Q Public

    Kthxbai- spoken like a true Fat Chick.

    • Spoken like a man with a small dick

      • Mike


        @Unsolicitedous – spoken like a true Fat Chick

        • So you DO have a small dick then? Bummer….

          • Thorn

            With fat chicks, having sex is like slinging a string of sausages down a large hallway. Besides, for a bloke the size of his dick is utterly irrelevant – skanks will take anything they can get. He only has to please himself.

          • Agent BallSack
          • AS – I did not know that! But it’s irrelevant if the ‘truck’ is big enough :)

          • Thorn

            Skinny chicks have better muscle control for the killer grips at appropriate times.

          • Bollicks –  the fact that you call females “chicks” shows you have yet to experience the best in life.

            One day, when you’re all grown up & if you are lucky enough, you will find that WOMEN who have strong pelvic floor muscles give the most magic.

          • Thorn????

            Hmmm was that comment based on your wealth of experience eh? 
            In terms of promiscuity – In France skinny girls get way more action than fat girls (http://www.stuff.co.nz/life-style/3884625/Study-suggests-obese-women-get-less-sex) but in NZ promiscuity is rampant so not an issue.But NZ married women get even more sex (check current studies) so the size of women is again irrelevant. Of course we don’t want to let the facts get in the way…..

          • Thorn

            Its not the facts that get in the way – its the thunder thighs, gut and flaps.

          • You’re incorrigible!

          • Thorn

            And I will love you long-time.

  • James Stephenson

    “Or they could…you know..lose weight.”

    I thought the advice was being offered to help fat chicks get ahead in the race for the limited number of chubby-chasers out there.

    Anyway, you know what they say – fat chicks are like mopeds; great fun until your mates catch you riding one…

    • Far better to be a moped than have the face of a dog – very rare to have both (fab body & pretty) so I assume you & the other idiots on here are all one or the other yourselves and no doubt married to dogs…..

      • James Stephenson

        Do you want to look at that joke again and think about what’s being laughed at? Fat chicks…or maybe mens’ attitudes to their image and what their mates think? Hmm?

        BTW, I’m gorgeous and so is my wife, but I do own a couple of mopeds which are indeed great fun…

        • Hmmm the insult is largely directed at women. Gorgeous is a subjective term but good to hear you call your wife that – you know never taking off the rose coloured specs is actually the best thing to do if you want your marriage to last (being serious – no insult intended).

  • John Q Public & Mike – seriously? Are you guys for real? Post a picture of yourselves…go on. Bet you are a couple of single ugly fat c#nts. 

    The only thing that might have some merit about this article is sloppy dressers. But that it is down to the occupation rather than their size. 

    If mothers spend their days cleaning up shit (figuratively & literally if you have kids & pets), doing housework, gardening, walking the dog etc then yeh, they are probably not going to dress up to do the shop. And the ones that do are tossers – they always remind me of Charlotte from SATC who used to clean the bath with her couture dress & pearls. Unrealistic and not practical. 

    A pointless article & post as it only serves to encourage wanky comments from wankers.To say all fat women don’t care about their appearance is to say all men are impotent and/or have small dicks.

  • You guys need to read articles like this: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/lifestyle/news/article.cfm?c_id=6&objectid=10747013 – marriage & babies often mean women get fat but that doesn’t seem to affect the cheating statistics behind the divorce rates (women are catching up to men re getting one on the side).

    And far better to be a moped than have the face of a dog – very hard to have both (fab body & pretty) so I assume you idiots are all married to dogs…..

    • Mike

      Eating too much makes you fat.

      • No argument from me – energy out must exceed energy in, doesn’t mean to say if you get the equation wrong that men are given license to be assholes

        • Agent BallSack

          Unsolicitedious – Unsolicited tedious abuse from a manky old bitch with a serious man hate on. Check the body of the text. Written by a female…holy fuck…about ugly bitches in bad clothes. Guess youre on that side of the spectrum with your hatred towards men in general.

          • I’m known to be manky but I’m not old. Yep definitely hate assholes and in this case the assholes are men.

            Love good men who have an ounce of emotional maturity – like my husband. Can’t see evidence of such men in this post though.

            My comments are in response to the boys above rather than the article per se.

            As for the article – she’s an idiot. If it was titled “at-home Mums stop looking so grotty” I would think fair enough. But she went for the fat card which is just a generalisation too far. 

            There is a reason ugly jeans are called “mum jeans”.

          • Agent BallSack

            Are you not perpetrating the same sort of hate thought and speech that you’re accusing others of committing? Yep all men with opinions or the nerve to comment on this post have small dicks and no personality…JUST LIKE all fat chicks are ugly and should be glad that they get a root at all? You’re just as guilty of generalising as the author of the blog post, which at this point in time has no comments on it at all. Perhaps you should go express your distaste there also.

          • I am not sure you have read all the comments? You seem to have missed the point.

            I am speaking the only language they appear to understand – quid pro quo.

            Unless of course you are trying to say that comments like “Fat chicks don’t care about their appearance, if they did they wouldn’t be fat chicks!” and “Kthxbai- spoken like a true Fat Chick” are acceptable? 

          • Agent BallSack

            Not sure you’ll catch any fish with that bait, yes I have read all the comments. About average for most men circa 20-30 years old. Youre kinda hitting the wrong target here because its the MSM / TV programs and all body image ads that give the majority of young NZers these impressions. Yes even girls, theyre the worst! For myself I would rather see a buxom rubenesque lady dressed sexily or smartly than the shit the warehouse pumps out and calls clothes, however its a budget choice for the majority of ‘grown’ adults when it comes to clothing, expecially if you clothe growing children at the same time.

  • Roflcopter

    Marry the fattest and ugliest chick you can find… then when they leave you, you don’t get upset.

  • Agent BallSack

    Unsolicitedious so far youve accused every man on here of having a small cock, being assholes, having ugly wives all with no shred of proof because they have the shock horror gall and temerity to post on a topic on a blog.

    Just for the record my cock is fine, my wife is a beautiful BBW (im sure you dont need to google that term) and has been called a MILF (you might need to check that one), our kids are gorgeous and yes I’m an asshole. Double chocolate dipped.

    Standard diatribe to call a mans cock small, we’ll all get over it. Just as an aside I can drive a truck through Mt Vic tunnel without touching the sides, does that make it a small truck? No, because its a fucking BIG tunnel!

    • Now how did you go from the grown-up response above to this one? 

      “No shred of proof” – isn’t that the point of generalisations?

      The men on here only have as small a cock or are as much of an asshole as fat women are sexually unattractive and manky. If they want to call fat women the latter then as a happily married gorgeous BB (and ass) W whose husband relates more to the BIG truck (I’m talking Linehaul not some little 6 wheeler) going through a TIGHT tunnel, I will say that they have/are the former.

      Totally agree with your comment re the body image projected across the media. Have you seen the Dove ad? See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYhCn0jf46U 

      Brilliant example of the lies men & women – especially young ones, get sucked into.

      Take Tyra Banks or Eva Longoria – they both look incredibly beautiful when all made up with the silicon this & that, eyelashes, hair extensions & God knows what else, yet bare no resemblance to their actual (and less attractive) selves. 

      Things like this – including the obsession with what we wear – distort what is truly attractive, something which is always ultimately determined by ones charactor.

      • Agent BallSack

        After reading it again it does seem a bit full of assholery LOL…wasnt meant to be, I actually agree with you. I think however you have to be able to appreciate women, to appreciate the different sizes they come in, just like men one size doesnt fit all. When you ‘only’ appreciate women as being a receptacle for sperm, youre missing out on the best bits. IMHO ;)

        PC (an overspoken, underwrought word with no base in politics if there ever was one) has become a catchcry for ‘Oh I dont like what youre saying its UN-PC to say that!’  That means that people are either overtly PC or unashamedly UN-PC and there’s almost no middle ground any more. I remember the late 80s when PC was first rearing its baby head, it *seemed* like a good idea at the time! But then I bet so did the Socialist party of Germany, MMP, Coke with Vanilla etc etc.

        Also this is a generally unmoderated blog unless Whale hates you, so people do often post the first things that pop into their brains (unwise at times) I have done also and thought OOOPS! :)

  • Well said, completely agree ^ – now I understand how you not only managed to capture the attention of, but keep a beautiful BBW!!! :) 

    I think many boys and would-be men tend to see women as a way to get their end off rather than what they can bring to a relationship…..or at least until they grow up anyway, which for some seems to take a long time.

    The fact that the blogger behind this post is female is disappointing – it’s another case of women vs women and doesn’t do our gender any good as it results in the kind of comments above (including mine!).

    But all in good fun – it’s only words on a computer screen & if I’m honest, this post made me think….particularly since we have a wee girl who is super girlie and tells me constantly that “skirts are prettier than tracksuit pants”! But whether I was skinny or curvy the outdoor look vs the glam look has always been my style as I’m an outdoorsy girl!

    • Agent BallSack

      I accept your gracious apology LOL and am pleased to meet you ;). Agent.

  • Haha, likewise to both :)

  • Steve

    Said it before and I will say it again:
    There may be medical reasons, but the main reason is that the input hole is bigger than the output hole and that’s why weight is gained

  • Matthew A Galloway

    #1 one reason why fat chicks don’t dress well…. if they really cared about their appearance they wouldn’t be fat!

  • Navy Greg

    Well im skinny as a rake, ugly as a weta , my thumb is bigger than my dick, Not into fat chicks , dont give a fuck never have never will, and I dont care.
    Enjoy your day everyone :)