Pay your tax then we will listen to you

Matt McCarten is whining that compulsory Kiwisaver is just an extra tax on workers, one that should be paid out of PAYE:

Raising the employers’ contribution by half a per cent each year, until it reaches 7 per cent, just means that most employers will deduct that amount from any annual wage increase offer they would normally make.

Effectively, most workers will be paying the whole lot. This is for a retirement fund that, up until now, their PAYE tax has covered.

Politicians pretending that raising the retirement age is a sacrifice we are all going to have to make are being disingenuous.

Matt knows all about PAYE, the organisations he runs simply don’t pay it. Then he has the audacity to suggest that retirement should be funded out of something he doesn’t even pay.

Maybe Matt would be a bit more believable if his organisations actually paid their PAYE. I’m surprised he even mentioned it in his column.