Phillip Field out on parole

Phillip Field, corrupt former Labour MP is being let out of jail on parole.

Disgraced former MP Taito Phillip Field has been granted parole.

He will be released from jail later this month after serving one third of his six-year sentence.

This was Field’s first parole hearing.

Field was found guilty of 11 of 12 charges of bribery and corruption as an MP after having Thai nationals carry-out work on his properties in return for immigration assistance between November 2002 and October 2005.

He was also found guilty of 15 of 23 charges of wilfully attempting to obstruct or pervert the course of justice, alleging he tried to derail investigations into the work on his homes.

Field, who was an MP for 12 years, was the first MP to be jailed for bribery, corruption and perverting the course of justice, in a trial that took almost four months.

Remember Labour have never apologised for his predations on constituents while a Labour MP. They have merely acknowledged his convictions. Remember too that they only threw him out of the party once he suggested he may go independent. Until that utternace they stood by their man.

Maybe they knew he was being released and so that is why they have been trialling a few out-of-the-box billboards in Mangere.

This signage will go down well in Mangere.  Of course it worked for Taito Phillip Field in the past.

[Yes, it is photoshopped]



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  • Sooty

     He’s just in time to give Labour a hand with the election. Did they have a word in the parole boards ear, or something. They really, really need someone to give the campaign manager some assistance this year.

  • Gavin

    On a related issue – whatever happened to the Daljit Singh investigation? you know the guy accused of trying to scam the electoral system in Manurewa – seems to have gone pretty quite.  


    What a fucking joke – this convicted prick should stay locked up. Lieing cheating stealing labour wanker

  • Paranormal

    Wasn’t it nice of Liarbour to have the forethought to reduce the minimum time in prison early on in their time in power.  That’s the nice Liabour – always thinking of their people and what’s best for them.