Phil’s Flip Flop on Super

In July 2011 Phil Goff had this to say about raising the retirement age:

Labour leader Phil Goff says his party has a plan to meet the future costs of superannuation without raising the pension age.

Mr Goff says Labour does not believe raising the age of eligibility is necessary.

“We think that we can avoid that alternative through the mechanisms that we’ve put in place in the past that the Government has stopped funding – the Cullen Fund – and through a policy that’s not a one-off sale of state assets, but one that will raise tax revenue on an ongoing basis.”

Nek minnit!

Good grief  only 4 months later and his is now telling the nation the exact opposite, I just bet that if he got elected he would flip flop again.

He said labour wouldn’t do a capital gains tax in February and then announced a capital gains tax in August. He said labour wouldn’t raise the retirement age in July and then announced in October they would. Labour and Phil Goff simply can’t be trusted.


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  • Gazzaw

    More flip flops than a jandal factory. Who is calling the shots at Labour HQ?

  • Mully

    TBH, I don’t have an issue with politicians “flip-flopping”. To my mind, it’s better to be able to change your mind with the times. I think it was politically naive of John Key to stake his job on no review of the retirement age.
    That being said, Phil Goff can promise what he likes in this term. He’ll never have to deliver on them…

    • Anonymous

      And even if there were a ‘totem pole’ coalition, Labour can ‘cop out’ of its election promises by saying ‘the other parties would not let us’.

  • Jimmy

    Admittedly, at the time of the comment the government had a surplus.  If Labour get in they inherits Nationals fiscal mismanagement debt.

    • And Labour will proceed to make it worse. They opposed every spending cut, demanded that National spend more and now they have promised over $16billion in additional spending!