Put it in a bubble

Darien Fenton’s misguided attack on Sir Peter Leitch just underlines how tribal and brutal Labour can be when they’re confronted with someone who doesn’t agree with them.

In Labour’s eyes, they are a class traitor.

Fenton’s latest outburst and her forced apology reminded me of the Mana by-election, when one of Labour’s hardcore campaigners attacked political opponents as ‘dumb-ass coconuts’ then offered a non-apology. That apology was truly something, and deserves replaying…


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  • Kevin

    The Labour Party of today embodies almost all that is ugly in politics. How dumb is Fenton slagging the butcher off? She is in the top 20 on their list and contributed to our government from 1999 to 2008? No wonder we ended up in the crap.

    Take 2% more off labours potential 25% this election.

  • Anonymous

    There are a number of unpleasant self absorbed people high up on the labour list. My feeling is that if you were thinking of casting a labour party vote, vote green instead. Do not let these nasty people get into parliament off the list.

  • Joe Bloggs

    Fuck, the unweaning arrogance of the left just astound me. I now see calls on that bile-filled shitheap The Standard for Sir Butch to apologise to the left:


    After all those league matches at Mt Smart where he helped Lady Clark climb up on her pedestal in front of the adoring fans. After the millions he’s raised for charity. After climbing on the BBQ and cooking for the mourners at David Lange’s funeral. After the work he’s done for Christchurch folk.

    The bastards.

  • Apolonia

    What a stupid woman, send her to North Korea for re-educating.

    • Steve

      Give her to North Korea, not send her.
      NZ will be a better place without a leech on Leitch