Show Allan Peachey Some Compassion

For the last four days the tip line has been running hot about a move by certain factions in National to remove Allan Peachey on the grounds of ill health.

I have stood back and listened to all sorts of pitches about why Allan should go from all sorts of people who really should know better.

It is common knowledge Allan has cancer, and that he has had a relapse that he is recovering from. My understanding is Allan believes he is well enough to campaign and to remain as MP for Tamaki. He is apparently feeling better every day and is looking forward to returning to work. Last night he told a hastily called meeting that included President Peter Goodfellow and the Regional Chair Alan Towers that he was fit for work. Basically he stared them down.

Instead of being shown compassion Allan has had a massive kick in the guts when he is down from a party that should know better. The thought of returning to work is one of the things keeping Allan going, and now selfish individuals want to tear that away from him. These individuals should remember National is not Labour, and is not a nasty party.

Allan Peachey may not be my favourite MP, but that does not mean he deserves to be treated as badly as this. This is nothing less than a failure of regional leadership to treat Allan with the respect he deserves, he’s a great New Zealander, one of the country’s greatest educationalists, he would have been a fine Education Minister had Don won in 2005. Instead of white-anting the poor bloke they should have put in a support structure around him, unfortunately though for the last few years he’s been treated with total disregard by the Party, and by successive regional chairs who didn’t get the man they wanted into Tamaki in ’05.

If his illness does overcome him it will be a tragedy, but this is not a tragedy that should be sped up by a heartless bunch of self interested individuals who are prematurely dancing on his grave.


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  • Kevin Campbell

    Well said

  • Anonymous

    “If his illness does overcome him it will be a tragedy, but this is not a tragedy that should be sped up by a heartless bunch of self interested individuals who are prematurely dancing on his grave.”

    Correct me if I am wrong, but are you not one of those people who have been vocal about his illness and want him replaced?

  • Cam, you’ve been going on and on about how either Don Brash or Colin Craig should stand in Tamaki because Peachey is an easybeat due to his illness.

    • Yep and that still holds, but if he can stare down 8 people who have tried to axe him then he deserves a crack

  • Pharmachick

    Cam, thank you. 
    That post has more integrity in its little finger than the majority of the circling sharks in National looking to wrest Tamaki from Alan Peachey. 

    I’m not an overtly political type, nor an Alan Peachey fan. This being said, I’ve been disgusted by the behaviour of the Labour Party in the last 3-5 years and it saddens me to see National, a party that is ostensibly “not Labour” taking on a similar self-serving, nasty attitude.

    Sunlight is the best disinfectant. 

  • Naylor

    Oh God, the National Party hierarchy is simply fucking useless. What’s the bet that brilliant campaign strategist for John ‘dont smoke dope” Banks Aaron Bhatnagar is already working the phones and will be the first out of the blocks IF Peachy departs. 

    If not then it’s that other complete try hard with the import wife who is so desperate to be the love child of Deslie Simpson (oh isn’t she Peter Goodfellow’s partner/wife) that he gets the nod of the Party despite being torpedoed by Jim Bolger in Wellington Central a few years back. Remember Mark Thomas anyone? WTF.

  • Anonymous

    JK will want Peachey to hang on in there. The Nats do not need a grubby little labour-style selection sideshow right now.

  • Stephanie

    I think Peachy should go.  His contribution has been minimal and his health should be more important to him than politics.  When standing for the seat he told the electorate that he would move to the electorate if given the opportunity to represent the seat.  He was given the opportunity and then stayed on the North Shore.  You woulod need to be a particularly strong candidate to treat an electorate like that and frankly he is not.  It is time for him to move on.

  • Phoenix Aluminium

    He has never lived in the electorate, never shows his face, he should stand aside and let the people of Tamaki have a decent MP – rather than deadwood. I would say this even if he was 100% brain tumor free. Allan is a prime example of somebody not translating to politics well

  • Evan Johnson

    He has gone now  It was certainly easier to put him lower down on the Party list than to dislodge him from the Electorate.  Recent pictures of him are really quite disturbing and Parliament strikes me as the worst place on Earth to be playing around with one’s health.  He was a proud MP, one that thought he was indispensible I think, and so the whole business of substituting him has been hard to manage.  

    Cameron, I think the National Party have handled it well.  I don’t see many commentators taking such a hard line on this.  He seems to be departing peacefully (after a pretty stormy experience one would guess)