So who will National’s Coalition Partners Be?

ACT had more bad news over the weekend, and another bad headline today.

It is hard to imagine them turning things around before the election because they simply don’t appear competent in the minds of the public. Banksie will win Epsom (despite the best efforts of Bill English to undermine him in order to get Brash) but the party vote will be way down, and the badly dysfunctional party seems to be doomed.

Someone in the parliamentary press gallery needs to ask John Key or Steven Joyce who National’s coalition partners will be after the 2014 election.


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  • Agent BallSack

    Since the majority of Green politicians are not stupid, I say Greens. IF (and thats a big if) they can centralise some of their hard left/socialist leaning politicians. A promised referendum on cannabis law reform would pull a few of them towards National IMO, last thing National needs is a minority government so the deal has to be done. It will also legitimise the party in a lot more Kiwis eyes than being associated with Labour.

  • jabba

    the Greens minus Silent C

  • Greens. With promise of a referendum on cannabis law reform.

  • Apolonia

    The Conservatives look more stable than Act, and there’s no dead babies or funny cigarettes.

  • HeyJude

    Don should bail now. Rodney Hide led the Party to virtual oblivion and will be very happy to see Don fail. Then he can re write history by claiming that Don destroyed the Party. Meanwhile, I wonder who is doing all this leaking? It doesn’t take much to guess who it might be.

  • Troy

    Here’s the plot, Banksie wins Epsom – not enough party votes for another MP to be added, Brash pisses of Banksie (not a good move), Banksie goes independant or joins National.  Brash is a goat, a geriatric economist who should just fade away.