Some maths

Sosefina Masoe ? cleaner at Parliament. Apparently earns minimum wage, and ?has eight children in her care.

Phil Goff reckons she deserves more so is pushing for $15 per hour minimum wage.? Labour is spinning she can?t afford to take care of her family.?No matter about the personal?responsibility?involved in continuing to breed long after she lost the ability to provide for them. Let’s just ignore that for now.

Some simple calculations reveal something:

She earns the current minimum wage, $13.50, and says that’s about $453.34 in the hand a week.

Her take home is $453 per week. Her WFF Credits are worth at least $677 per week if the article claims of eight children (four teens) are correct.? That equates to a salary of about $70,000 per annum. She is clearly recieving more in tax credits than she pays in tax.

Labour therefore is campaigning for people earning the equivalent of $70k per annum as needy.