Someone is touchy

Looks like Winston Raymond Peters, 65, pensioner of St Mary’s Bay is a little touchy:


Rt. Hon Winston Peters Leader NZ First

October 30th 2011

?Vote for Sanity?

Jordan Williams needs media recognition. Without it this pimple on the face of the body politic returns to oblivion. A brief minute of glory.

How many such people have we seen? Here today, gone tomorrow. He and his twenty innocent supporters for elitism have got to be a secret plant by supporters of MMP. Surely this cannot be the best that foreign money, poking its greedy nose in to domestic politics, can do.


That seriously annoys me. I’ve called Winston corrupt, because he is. I’ve called him a liar, because he is. I’ve called him a drunk, because he is. But not once has he issued a press release about me. He’s threatened to sue me three times, I’ve be spoken to sternly by Brian Henry twice but never a press ?release.

One thing Winston has right though, in the referendum we need to vote for sanity, we need to Vote for Change and rid ourselves of MMP and the reason that keeps Winston Peters alive politically.