Staff issues at the SFO, Ctd

via the tipline, another correspondent writes:

“What is really going on with the culture at the Serious Fraud Office? It is an unhappy place to work. The management team and the chief executive are regarded as inexperienced and arrogant. In fact none of them – apart from Rhys Metcalfe – have prosecuted or been involved in a case of fraud (fraud defined by the Crimes Act standards not Securities Act matters) before joining the office. Nick Paterson literally screams at people at work. There are tears and divisions between camps of people in the office. The two teams headed by Nick Paterson and Simon McArley hate each other and each thinks the other is elitist. Nick Paterson’s team is called the “Departure Lounge” because everyone who joins the team resigns pretty quickly and Simon McArley’s team is called the “Koru Lounge” because they are seen as pretty arrogant.”
?Oh dear this is really getting bad. This is the fourth?separate?correspondent spilling their guts about the SFO and Five Fingers Feeley.