Stress Relief – Having a wee break

I’m off doing a bit of stress relief. I’ve had a bit of a hell week, but the good news is I have got back into my walking. However I really needed to get away, so I have.

Internet is intermittent, I’ll post when I can.

On the way down to where I am a camper van rolled in front of me, just to add a bit more stress. I hit the anchors and pulled up with plenty of space to spare. It was quite spectacular, the driver veered off the road into a ditch just outside Tokoroa, he then mounted the culvert travelling about 90km/h and went airborne and completed a half turn onto its side. Then slide to a stop just short of another culvert. I immediately called *555 and talked with the Police, they dispatched an ambulance just in case.

He was an older South African gentleman, luckily just a cut to his arm. Very shaken. After me and a couple of other motorists extracted him from the vehicle, and checked there was not chance of a fire we sat him down until the ambulance and police arrived. I went back to my truck and grabbed a first aid kit and some other motorists who were nurses pulled in to assist.

I spent the next 10 minutes directing traffic until the Police set up and the amublance arrived. I then had to give a statement to the Police. After that I drove on.

The South African guy and his travelling companion in another camper van were on their way to Wellington. Hopefully they will get there ok now. He is very lucky.


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  • Glenn

    Good on you, for attending to the situation in an appropriate manner.   Have fun in your break away, and shoot something for me, huh?  Don’t make it suffer; kill it quick and put it in the freezer.

  • MrV

    Did you have any of those Labour party asset sale signs to stop the traffic? ;-)

  • Aarushi Sharma
  • Pharmachick

    OMG, it wasn’t (apparently) raining in Tok … bet it was cold though!

  • Naylor

    Good shooting