Stupid Hippies, Ctd

via the tipline

Here is a photo of the huge Occupy Christchurch protest. Doesn’t look like they could organise a root in a brothel. Looks like the full executive membership of UNITE and family.


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  • Mully

    If you squint and wear sunglasses, it looks like 2000 hippies….

  • thor42

    I see that they’re using tents made by (as they would say) – “evil corporations”. Wearing clothes made by “evil corporations”, they probably have cellphones made by “evil corporations”, and they’ll be twittering about all this stuff on a network owned by an “evil corporation”.  

    • John Q Public

      and are having their housing rebuilt an paid for by evil corporations…

  • Elma Fudd

    Right on.. and they will all go down to McDonalds for breakfast and lunch.

  • Guest

    Are they the 1%?

  • Kevin Campbell

    Rain, hail and high wind gusts anyone?

  • Gordonallan12

    Thought non self contained public camping was now banned, or do them rules only apply to others?

  • Eileen-edmonds

    dirty hippies ae?! you people are a bunch of fuck wits who dont even know what these people r all about

    • Anonymous

      Post of the month Eileen-edmonds, you are one rocking on fire human…. Could well be a poet & you dont even know it..

      I do know that they are polluting public space amongst other things..