Stupid Labour

Labour really are a bunch of morons limping along towards electoral oblivion.

In their brochures against Assett Sales they are using a picture of the Clyde Dam.

The Clyde Dam is owned by Contact Energy not the Government. Is Labour’s policy now nationalisation of private assets?

And for the record, Labour opposed its construction.


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  • michaels

    However, the morons will spin it and make us believe it was done on purpose. As in, “we don’t want our other assets to end up like this one”.

  • Homepaddock

    Labour won’t let any dam(n) fact get in the way of their propaganda.

    Besides, dams are in the provinces where they don’t have any MPs and and they don’t know much about them because they  hardly ever go there.

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  • Rightoverlabour

    On a similar note, they have a picture of an airbus for the airport sales… I assume they got permission to use that photo. If not, I wonder what Airbus have to say.

  • MrV

    Clyde dam is a bit of an enigma really. There was huge anger against it being built and the cost overruns, yet looking back today, the idea of not building it is ludicrous.

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  • Glenn Aitchison

    It should be labelled Stupid national because they are selling our assets! this blog is total crap

    • Agent BallSack

      And you’re a stupid moron for believing anything Labour says. Mwah! please do come again.

    • Anonymous

      Give us a few clues Glenn. Why do you think this blog is total crap? Posters here generally provide a few cogent arguments to support their opinions. Small words will be OK.  

    • Honcho

      So what does that make the other party who plans to borrow borrow borrow, spend spend spend and let someone cough up heaps more later

    • Dion

      That’s a very astute argument, Glenn.  Well done.

  • Lcmortensen

    Being a bit nit-picky are you? The average voter is not going to pick up that this is the Clyde Dam and is not actually owned by the Government – at first glance, I thought it was Aviemore Dam, which is owned by SOE Meridian Energy.

  • thor42

    In any case(and WO may be able to confirm this) – I’m sure that the policy is actually for a PARTIAL sale of assets.
    The Government keeps a controlling stake of 51%. 
    I’ll bet that the various polls and surveys don’t mention that though – they will just say “selling assets”. If you mention that it is only a *partial* sale (and that the Government would retain control), I’ll bet the survey figures would be very different.  

    • Anonymous

      You are right of course Thor. You can bet your bottom dollar too that the NZ Super Fund will be buying in big time as will other private NZ owned funds. Absolutely ideal for the small share investor who is looking for something a tad safer than Hanover & Bridgecorp. They will be queuing up. Labour won’t point that out of course and its high time that National put more emphasis on that.

  • Jjjkj

    Heh, good spot whale / whoever saw this.

    Glenn, it is people like you that are the reason we needed to get the National Standards.  You my friend are the problem :)

  • Actually we need National Standards for research too. If Cameron had bothered, he would have found the first approval for the Clyde Dam was a low dam approved by Labour.

    • Jester

      And Muldoon approved a high dam instead.
      Another example of Labour setting the bar too low.