Tamaki Nominations for National

from National party press release:

The National Party has announced a shortlist of five top nominees who have put their names forward for selection as National’s Tamaki candidate in the November 26 election.

A shortened candidate selection process is taking place after the decision by Tamaki MP Allan Peachey to step down at the election.  Tamaki’s pre-selection committee met last night, while a final selection will take place on October 26.

Tamaki Electorate chair Andrew Hunt says the candidates are:

  • Denise Krum
  • Toni Millar
  • Simon O’Connor
  • Seby Reeves
  • Mark Thomas

As with all selections this blog does not take a position on who should win the selection, as delegates are smart enough to choose the best candidate most of the time.  A full profile of all candidates will be posted tomorrow.

This selection is being run very fairly, unlike others this cycle. Board members and regional chairs are not involved promoting candidates, in total breach of the ethics of their position, a position that requires complete neutrality.


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  • michaels

    A desicion to be made 4 weeks out from the election, seems either arrogant or fucking slack to me.

  • Boss Hogg

    In Tamaki they can afford to be arrogant and slack, does not make it right or excusable.  Pisses me off even though I vote for them as I have my main NZ house in the electorate.  We have had perfectly pleasant gentlemen with Allan and Clem in the recent past, but don’t we deserve someone a little more “High Profile” and willing to take some risks on the basis that the Tamaki Electorate are extremely reliable supporters.

    Just please do not and try to get me to vote for that Hotchin associate, Thomas.  That he is on the list in not correct.  He must be a dirty slut, a poor judge of character and as such deserves no support. 

  • Mattyman1010

    The only person I don’t know anything about is Seby Reeves. Anyone know anything about him?

  • Guest

    I won’t vote for anyone who is gay in Wellington and straight in Auckland.

    • Naylor

      You can’t slander all of the candidates – surely you’re only referring to one?

  • Naylor

    Why o why didn’t Mark Thomas’s “wife” stand? Surely she has more political nous than he does particularly as he is constantly the handbag carrier to the President’s concubine. What’s the bet his “wife” is frustrated that the husband spends more time walking the boss’s dogs or taking them to the dog groomer than being a husband? 

  • Hillary

    Well fuck me there goes one of the best and safest National Party seats in the country. The line up is less than impressive (aside from the unknown Seby Reeves) and comprises of old party hacks or young bubbling no-bodies who have tried on multiple occasions to win an election but failed to impress the National party faithful. 

    Make you want that nice man Aaron Batnaghar to stand. At least he has some presence.

    • Ben Ross

      And in saying that, I wonder how long it would take WO to compile a History list of each candidate mentioned above and how many times have they gone for selection?

  • Boss Hogg

    Look at that, just found Peter Goodfellows card in my drawer, maybe we should all phone or email him on 021 485 701, 04 894 7025 or [email protected]

    Get a decent candidate and have some respect for the long time supporters.  The arrogance is starting to get a bit annoying, I must say. 

    • Ben Ross

      Do have to ask, who does Tamaki want as their candidate?

      • Boss Hogg

        Good question;  Cameron Brewer was on the Whales list last week as a hopeful.  His Whale short profile looked good to me.  Apart from that I know fuck all to be honest.  A young Lee Kuan Yew would be the perfect man – in my opinion.   Hope that stirs some shit up – bring it on !!

    • Naylor

      What’s the point of calling him – he’ll be out walking the dogs chasing ducks on Portland Road. You really need to speak to his concubine who controls Mark Thomas (I feel for his “wife” who wouldn’t be able to get a word in when she’s in full flight).

      Looks like a complete set up by the President’s concubine who will put undue pressure on the good folk of Orakei aka Tamaki to vote for her hand nag, (sorry bag). 

      Why can’t the National Party actually select a strong candidate instead of a wet bus ticket if this is anything to go by.

      • Boss Hogg

        Is it easy to tell the difference to the ones chasing the ducks and the concubine?

        Go on, make it personal…………

        • Ben Ross


          • Boss Hogg

            Ben, not sure I want to understand that, you might be a bit sick…………or am I seeing something I shouldn’t?

      • Guest

        I see on Whaleoil’s blog last week that Mark Thomas was Mark Hotchin’s “PR Stooge”. Who the fuck in their right mind would choose a candidate with a massive iceberg sized bullseye like that painted on their arse?

        I accept Thomas has a right to earn a living, but that doesn’t mean he is right for politics either.  Having National attacked day in and day out over their “Hotchin/Hanover” connections would be a huge distraction for the party. 

  • Jag supporter

    The Electorate Chair Andrew Hunt should stand as the candidate. He is well respected and liked among the people of Tamaki, lives in the electorate and has looked after the party there for years. Compare him to the list of candidates for this very safe National seat and he’d be the best bet for sure. 

    • AndrewH

      :-) thank you for your kind comments.  You’ve made my day!!! But the life of an MP’s not for me!