The Great Labour Party Vote Hoarding Hunt

Apparently there are no Labour: Party Vote signs up in Dunedin.

It appears that the party as a whole doesn’t have any money and so are only spending where they think they need exposure, or leaving it up to the local electorates, who have the money. The local electorates are thoughtfully spending only on their candidate and not the party.

So, here is a game readers can play from home. Please sen tot he tipline any photos of Labour Party Vote signs in the wild in Dunedin.

For others around the country please advise via the tipline of other areas where Party Vote signs are few and far between.


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  • Lcmortensen

    There are some around – I pass one every day between home and town.

    In Dalmore: Pine Hill Road – just above the Dunedin Waitati Highway, south of Orbell Street.

    Will get a photo shortly (need to find camera).

  • Guest

    According to this, They were on the RENA, ……

    I guess that cuts the legs from under any announcements from labour on the evils of using flags of convenience for shipping cargo around NZ…..

  • Sooty

    I can see it all now, Trveor Mallards cunning plan. He says # Sorry Phil Goff. But all the election billboards with your picture on them where on the Rena going to Auckland. I’m sorry,they are either sunk or washed up just like your chances of becoming prime minister.#  What a great Tui Ad would be!!!

  • Mattyman

    If I remember rightly there was one on Dominion road after the Mt Roskill shops.

  • hinesite

    None in Rodney. I would say Labour has around 5 candidate ones in total