Things were going so well, Nek minnit

Oh dear, someone one please put her on a plane to Sydney, pronto:

There’s no place like home – especially when home is hosting an All Blacks’ Rugby World Cup final.

Former Prime Minister Helen Clark stepped off a plane just in time to catch the game and flies out again on Tuesday.

Now I’m worried, very worried.


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  • No problem; JK broke the Clark Curse on 8/11/2008

    • Kosh103

      Not quite. JK broke the compass on 8/11/08 and ever since has been unable to guide NZ.

      • Gazzaw

        Totally agree with you Kosh about JK breaking the compass. Just as well too as it was pointed permanently south under labour.

  • Monty

    I think that is the case inventory – Clark is now irrelevant and John Key will be there as well – so the ABs will still win.  but now a litle nervous about Clark.  Maybe she is back to sort out Labour.

  • thor42


    • TJF

      Watch out for the full moon with the head witch crossing its path on her broomstick. Lock up your children and do not look in mirrors. Goof has called for backup.

  • upskirt

    be afraid – be very afraid

  • Mully

    Wonder if it’s “free shit for life” NZ paying for that, or her new employers will be picking up the tab?

    • thor42

      My bet is it’ll be us paying for the bitch. 

  • Cactus Kate

    Tau Henare has informed us that a month ago the Clark tapu was lifted in a secret ceremony by local Maori.  Good stuff.

  • kevin

    She should be in Sudan doing real UN stuff  (if there is any such activity within UN). I think the Mongolia visit was prob just a bucket list item for her. I wonder how Kwis Carter is performing for the UN?

  • Gazzaw

    No way that she paid her own way for a two night stopover.  She wouldn’t stoop to travelling in one of Air NZ’s cuddle seats down the back so she has to either have her nose in the UN trough or more likely ours. I wonder who she bludged her footy ticket off.