This guy could run for Labour

Seriously he is in the running if he jumps the ditch.

High-profile Melbourne QC Julian Burnside has apologised to the Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, after appearing to suggest he was a paedophile on a social networking site.

Mr Burnside was participating in a lively discussion on Twitter yesterday morning about a new book about Mr Abbott penned by academic Susan Mitchell, released today, which is intensely critical of the Opposition Leader.

He retweeted a link to a story about the book in Friday’s Age, and then praised Dr Mitchell’s Tony Abbott: A Man’s Man. ”I have read this book. Abbott is a dangerous man with no moral compass,” the QC tweeted to more than 5000 followers. ”It’s a great book. Abbott will lead the country back to the dark ages.”

Mr Burnside told The Saturday Age he then received a message on his phone that he thought was a text message. He normally tweets on his iPad.

The message, the QC said, contained a ”weak pun”, and he responded in kind, with a joke he’d seen on a British comedy program. ”It was nothing to do with Tony Abbott, and I thought I was replying one on one.”

A public tweet from Mr Burnside then appeared in his feed: ”paedos in speedos”.

Given Mr Abbott’s well-known predilection for the swimwear, and the context of the preceding remarks, Mr Burnside’s remark appeared to be a reference to the Opposition Leader. The QC denies this. ”It was not a reference to him.”

When he became aware of the mistake, he tweeted a public apology to Mr Abbott. ”This is unprompted apology to #Abbott. He is NOT a paedophile and I was not referring to him. He has many flaws but that is not one of them.” Mr Burnside also contacted Mr Abbott’s office in order to apologise unreservedly.

Of course when you read the article you find he is completely unsuitable for Labour because he apologised unreservedly.


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  • Fingapus

    Fuck you’re a wannabe. You will never rise through the ranks of the National Party as your small, narcissistic brain most probably dictates to you that you will. You would make an excellent National Minister of Finance though. Yeah, for sure. The common traits are all there. Just by running this blog you are living beyond your means. Making back around a half of what you pay for hosting through advertising. You my friend are an enemy of reason, justice and peaceful society. But you love that. I know ; )

    Idiots may be impressed with your drivel. Intellects however read your blog for a laugh after a stressful days work. In that sense, I suppose you contribute somewhat to society.