Those were the days

Labour’s Industry and Employment policywas written in the 50s by the “self serving unionists”. With National Awards, centralised wage setting and a plan to kill off the Hobbit movie it certainly looks like the unions have written this policy.

Extend the right to organise and  collectively bargain to contractors who are primarily selling their labour

That little clause would see the Hobbit movie and others like it killed off. labour is really pandering to the unions.

However unionised workers currently make up only 17.4% of the workforce. Perhaps this is Labour’s goal for the party vote come November 26.

Farrar has posted a nice graph that shows those nostalgic days that Labour would have us return to.

Labour’s policy reminds me of a song:


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  • Steve

    Those were the Days. Original was a Russian Folk Song, ironic

  • Agent BallSack

    God, I remember the 70’s with the rolling strikes, stovepipe pants and mutton chop sideburns. Please Labour, dont take us back there! Considering the population was much smaller 1.2million lost working days would extrapolate to many millions these days.

    • thor42

      Yeah.  I can still remember the humungously-long strike on the BNZ building, not to mention the **countless** strikes on the ferries.  

  • cheesefunnel

    I was having trouble getting excited about voting National, but as usual Labour have provided me with new motivation! Remember all the shrieking and honking by the usual suspects over the 30 day trial law? Attack on workers!! The end of the world!! etc. What has happened?…nothing much, and you can bet your ass it would have been all over the media if anything had happened. National are somewhat mediocre really, but considering the mentally damaged luddites writing Labour’s policies, the choice is clear cut.

  • Cortugeo

    Lets go back to the days when if you didn’t join the union they could shutdown the business you worked for. Threats made to my late father.

  • Steve

    Back in the 70’s my boss paid the Union Fees because I refused to pay the scum. Only time I saw the Union Rep was once a year when it was time to pay. He could do nothing for me as I was on well above award wages but the cunt still wanted to force me to join. I still have a friendship with that boss today, I am still paid by the hour and not a friend of any Unionist scum

  • jabba

    from memory the unions killed boilermaking as a job .. I think it was about the BNZ building. Caused construction of big buildings from steel to concrete

  • Anonymous

    Fuck labour and their union connections. I remember as a youngster calling into Hugh Watt’s office in 1974-75 querying who was going to look after the Onehunga electorate while he was busy double dipping as both the local MP and as High Commissioner in London. The electorate didnt see him for months on end. That particular gravy train would make Chris Carter green with envy.
    Anyway I was told to piss off in no uncertain terms by a local union official.  Watt and the unions ran that electorate like a personal fiefdom. It was kind of ironic for me to be counting votes in 2008 in the central Onehunga booth and watching a smart young Polynesian lawyer carry the seat for National.

  • Mully

    Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel for policy.

    Brilliant. Phil Goff makes a wonderful Leader of the Opposition – I hope he has that job for many years…

  • jonno1

    Mangere Bridge #1: 8 years to build.

    Mangere Bridge #2: 2 years to build.

  • Bawaugh

    To be fair unions have their place and I have been an ex member of the union. But this policy is quite out of place and panders to the union funding. (I suppose when you are dead in the polls you will try anything).

    If a union has compulsory membership it has no motivation to look after you. After all it has a monopoly on your membership. These industry boards will require funding and where will they get this from? the workers. 

    Killing trial periods is a bad idea. An interview only says so much. I was on a trial period in Ireland and quit my job because the specific job and myself were unsuitable. Pleased to be out of that job.

    Let us suppose an ex inmate wants to turn his life around. With trial periods he has a chance. Without trial periods fewer employers will take the chance. In Ireland employers were being killed by the Industry awards system because there was no hardship clause. Thankfully the IMF and the courts fixed that.

  • Nick K

    This is written to lessen the impact of the Greens and its polling.  Simple.