Two bits of Herald BS

The Herald is getting sloppy.

First this: Described as a Flashmob. I mean really? These guys got a txt to stand up on the Skytower all impromptu like, harness up and perform a Haka while crapping their daks?? A Flashmob? Get it right.

Then there is their gallery of best of internet All Blacks images, where they nick Cactus Kate’s image and idea, then instead of acknowledging where tehy get it from, they instead attribute it to “Facebook”. Like Facebook had anything to with it. Why not put the name of the person whose Facebook page they nicked it off?



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  • Anniemcdonald

    And why does the Herald Business editor put Chris Findlayson photo over the headline Business  Press Council blasts party’s suggestion of statutory control when the article refers to Labour policy?

  • Simon Garlick

    I’m the creator of the Aaron Cruden montage, and I certainly didn’t post it to Facebook because I f*cking hate Facebook – someone else must have.

    I’m not really bothered, transformative work and all. Someone else took the photo of Cruden in the stands, someone else took the photo of Richie and Cruden on the field, Cactus put the two together in my head with her Nek Minnit post, all I did was come up with a title and paste it all together in Photoshop. I posted it as a joke to a thread at a website that shall remain nameless (the same thread also spawned the “I Got This” Piri ‘shop), next thing I know it’s everywhere.