Wall now hating on the Butch

Labour just don’t know when to shut up. Now Louisa Wall is hating on the Mad Butcher, Sir Peter Leitch.

But Ms Wall, who is back in Parliament for a second stint as a list MP, said the comments were misinterpreted, and she shared the disappointment at Sir Peter’s support for Mr Key – despite admiring his work.

“We would have assumed Sir Peter was a working-class champion,” Ms Wall said.

“If you look at what the National Government has done, it has taken workers’ rights backwards.”

Ms Wall, who is contesting the safe Labour seat of Manurewa, said “personal is political”, and Sir Peter could not endorse Mr Key without endorsing his policies.

Labour’s arrogance and presumption of undying loyalty shows just how out of touch they are with the general populace.

What is more surprising than these thinly veiled attacks on Sir Peter Leitch is that they come from MPs associated and backed by the SFWU – the Service and Food Workers Union, the very people who work in Mad Butcher stores that will directly affected by these outbursts by, frankly stupid, Labour MPs.

Labour is no longer relevant to the vast majority of New Zealanders and these outbursts show us why.

I think I will go out and buy some meat from the local Mad Butcher outlet today, to show my support for them and The Mad Butcher. I ask that the Army does likewise, show up Labour for the nasty party they have become.


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  • Rightoverlabour

    I often buy from the Mad Butcher, it will be more often now, in fact as much as possible. And I will be encouraging friends and family. As an immigrant of 15 years I have grown to admire Sir Peter, a true gentleman, and statesman. A person who supports the working class with action, not rhetoric. Go the Mad Butcher!

  • Joe Bloggs

    At last the MSM is sitting up to take notice – today’s NZ Herald editorial gives Fenton a spray


  • Joe Bloggs

    and at the risk of thread-jacking, Cam I must say your new site is a pleasure to behold. Nice to be able to get past the spambots and to be able to post.

    Back to Sir Peter – you’re a true blue icon, Butch, and embody everything good that the liberal left has turned its back on. Go the mighty Vodafone Warriors! And go the mighty Sir Peter Leitch!

  • Alan

    Wall & Fenton are dinosaurs from a long gone era.,when the soviets still had eyes on a global socialist alliance including NZ. During world war 2 This mentality saw food and supplies bound for our soldiers in the islands and Africa sabotaged by Union labour . It was not till the invasion of the USSR that Union movement got behind the war effort .
    To some extent the 51 lock out was payback to the communist unions who didn’t get on board earlier in the war effort. History well hidden now but true all the same .

  • Anonymous

    This unpleasantness has to stop. Do not give your party vote to Labour.

  • oldlogger

    “personal is political”. Bullshit, stupid bitch cant see past her nose.
    When I married my wife, she would neither confirm, nor deny that she was voting labour (pillow talk has since confirmed this).
    She has seen the light and is now batting for the blue team. We got on well then, and do now.
    Darien Fenton and Louisa Wall. Labours rising stars. Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhahaha

  • Anonymous

    Louisa Wall has had a stint in parliament, and by all accounts did not measure up – she seemed to have an attitude problem. So why was she effectively handed an admission ticket back in. The door should have been permanently locked on her. It seems cronyism within Labour and union ranks counts for far more than quality and suitability when choosing candidates. Why does Labour choose candidates who show their faces to party and union bosses and their arses to everyone else (as Jack Welch former GE CEO once said). I will start a list – Judith Tizard, David Benson-Pope, Claire Curran, Darien Fenton, Louisa Wall, — now add to the list —

    • Troy

      she got back in because she is one of Helen and Heather’s lesbos sisters – rainbow arm of labour is well alive.  Damian O’Connor must have been spitty tacks when Wall got back in – but it did prove his point that labour has become a gaggle of gays.

  • Madison

    Considering I had the SFWU claim that as a foreigner I wasn’t entitled to fair pay I’m not surprised at this type of outburst.  

  • Front127

    Sir (bleh) Peter was and always will be – a giant douche. National doesn’t need the support from the likes of him. Just like when he used to call on aunt Helen.

  • Helencark

    what a cou-le of c*&ts

    sorry but no other word for these meanspirited , list-mp bludger cows….

  • kim

    Actions is what it is about and it does not take long to work out who has contributed to New Zealand better…..anything to get their names in the paper, the Labour party is dying, been doing it for years….hope Mana goes blue this year as well

  • kehua

    Bitch versus Butch, no contest “the Butch“ wins hands down, a generous ,warm hearted ,shrewd man who has true mana.