What are the Greens on about?

Gareth?Hughes has some useful things to say…sometimes. Yesterday was the resumption of inane comments from the little twerp:

Gareth Hughes, the Green Party’s marine issues spokesman, said the accident should serve as a wake-up call for the government. “They need to put a moratorium on all drilling, including test wells, because what we’re seeing is that Maritime New Zealand is stretched dealing with what would be considered a minor spill compared with what you saw in the Gulf of Mexico,” he said, referring the BP disaster last year.

I mean, a ship runs aground, presumably because some fool drove it there and he is prating about oil drilling???

Just when Russel Norman had managed to convince some people that?the?Greens were at last being sensible, Gareth Hughes goes and destroys that perception in a flash.

One wonders what Gareth Hughes thinks is going t run the coastal ships that the Greens are so keen on promoting?