What David Parker Should Do

David Parker has been caught out lying about the Sensible Sentencing Trust, and is being held to account.

His lie was to say that Sensible Sentencing had made a large donation to ACT to get David Garrett into parliament.

This didn’t happen.

David Parker now faces a week of bad news about him lying, being constantly questioned about his lie, and having everyone in Labour being asked about his lie.

This means Labour won’t be able to get out their policy releases because they will be answering questions about lying.

Even if Parker thinks he hasn’t lied it doesn’t matter. He is creating a negative news cycle for his party, and if SST are smart they will keep it in the media throughout the campaign. The only way Parker can stop this from happening is issue a full apology. Like this:

Press Release: Accusation about SST and David Garrett

On Saturday 22nd of October I posted a guest post on Kiwiblog.

In it I made the following statement.

“Some are also aware Act knew this when they took a large donation from the misnamed Sensible Sentencing Trust and made Garrett Act’s law and order spokesperson.”

This statement is incorrect and I am withdrawing it and unreservedly apologising to Sensible Sentencing, Garth McVicar, David Garrett and David Farrar for this statement.


The problem for Labour is they are so convinced stealing underpants is the way to go they are unable to accept that stealing underpants doesn’t win votes and will take a pyrrhic victory on this rather than quickly apologising and moving on to issues that matter.


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  • Apolonia

    Looks like they will have to win, so that they can retrospectively change the libel laws. 

  • Peter Jenkins

    Parker has now made a retraction, well sort of. Peter George on Kiwiblog called it weasely, which given the weasel from which it came should come as no surprise….

    Peter J
    Webmaster for http://www.sensiblesentencing.org.nz