What do the Greens say about this?

The Greens are fond of banning anything they don’t like, that is unless it is cannabis. They are also big proponents of taxing hard industries that emit large carbon footprints.

Given that they are for dope and against large carbon footprints I wonder how they will reconcile this report: Energy up in Smoke: The Carbon Footprint of Indoor Cannabis Production

When you smoke a blunt, you are responsible for two pounds of carbon dioxide emissions. At least according to a study from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. The same study, by energy analyst Evan Mills, reports that US pot growers are responsible for one percent of national electricity consumption. In California, the top pot-producing state, that percentage increases to 3% for all electricity use and 8% of household use.

Minimal information and producer consideration of energy use, coupled with adaptations for security and privacy, lead to particularly inefficient configurations and correspondingly large energy consumption and greenhouse-gas emissions. If improved practices applicable to commercial agricultural greenhouses are any indication, the energy use for indoor Cannabis production can be reduced dramatically. Cost-effective efficiency improvements of 75% are conceivable, which would yield energy savings of about $25,000/year for a generic 10-module growing room. Shifting cultivation outdoors eliminates most energy uses (aside from transport), although the practice can impose other environmental impacts.


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  • Anonymous

    And do these figures include electricity that does not go through the meter. Pot growers sometimes bypass the meter, partly to save money, but mainly to avoid leaving a large tell-tale power bill.

  • James Stephenson

    What’s difficult to reconcile about legalising it and allowing production to move outdoors?

    • Agent BallSack

       The fact that no MP will ever make a conscience vote on it. Theyre all bound to party policy over cannabis, unfortunately for the 1/2 a million Kiwis who smoke and still hold down jobs pay bills and run families.

  • MikeE

    The only reason it uses so much power is due to it being grown clandestinely.  If it was legal, it wouldn’t need to be grown inside in buildings under lights… the whole thing is a false economy driven by prohibition

  • Agent BallSack

    When I lived on the west coast there where the 3 ‘P’s that interfered with growing a few plants outdoors…Possums, Pigs and People (Poachers). Lots of people grow inside to avert those ‘natural’ disasters befalling their crop. Not too sure if it (decriminalisation) wouldnt increase indoor growing….

  • Angela

    What’s difficult is the belief that making  potentially harmful substances legal will increase their abuse. This belief is not borne out by experience with other potentially harmful substances or experience with this and other drugs overseas.
    What’s difficult is shifting beliefs. And getting politicians to take risks with their voter base.

  • Andrew

    One would assume they would hold this up as an example of how criminalizing dope forces growers inside and makes them adopt uneconomic and environmentally damaging methods, whereas if it was legalized it would be grown organically outdoors where it would likely absorb more co2 than it produces.

    Damn, with logic like that, I would make a good green party mp

  • MrV

    Yet instead of discussing the merits of the issue we get repeaters talking about how Don Brash should run everything past John Banks first.

  • Paranormal

    Oh come on you guys.  Everyone knows the dope growers are green and would only use electricity generated with hydro or windpower…

  • Anonymous

    I wonder whether the Greens should do a study on the impact of the legalisation of marijuana as a step towards meeting our Kyoto goals. And I wonder whether you could get carbon credits for the production of the hemp to help subsidise the price of the bud?

  • Agent BallSack


    or they could just spark up a marley and read that ^