What does Chris Hipkins say now?

On 27 July 2010 Chris Hipkins had a strong opinion on superannuation:

I want to see New Zealand Superannuation remain as it is, a universal entitlement from the age of 65.

What does Chris Hipkins say now? Or is he going to perform a flip flop like his leader Phil Goff?

One thing business and investors like is stability and consistency. If labour can’t maintain consistency in policy over just a few short months imagine the damage they could do in government flip flopping on any policy you care to mention.


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  • Rosa19

    What did Chris do before he was elected to Parliament?

  • Paulus

    Isn’t Hipkins on of the people trying to get Mt Roskill nomination. There appear to be 4 more that I have heard of. Mt Roskill nomination is more important than the election. Its Gravy all the way for the winner, but it will probably be a unionist (female ?).

  • I think he was in school….. :)

    • Gazzaw

      Hipkins has the classic experience to go far in the Labour Party. BA in Politics & Criminology, Students Union President at Victoria, policy advisor for the TIF, policy advisor to Mallard & Clark. The only decent days work were probably when he worked for Todd Energy which appears to be his only real job. Another cradle to grave bludger. 

  • Rosa19

    may be right. what did he do at Todd Energy?

    • Gazzaw

      Certainly not out on the rigs. He was a training manager – training what & who isnt clear.
      Job was probably arranged by the unions or the sisterhood.

  • Travis Watson

    I think he will have to have to find a new job after he gets tossed out of Rimutaka……