What does David Cunliffe say now?

On July 21 2009 David Cunliffe opposed the raising of the retirement age:

“Labour is committed to retaining the age of eligibility at 65 and entitlement at 66% of the average wage,” David Cunliffe said.

“Labour’s policy remains that it is committed to reinstating payments into the Fund to ensure the security of pensions for New Zealanders for the future.

Does David stand by his statement of 2009, or has he too performed a flip-flop like Phil Goff?

Labour has spent years and years bashing National on superannuation and the retirement age and yet it is them that is now bringing in the very things they accused National of attempting to do.


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  • Agent BallSack

    ‘Mr Goff said Labour recognised it would be hard for some New Zealanders, such as those doing physically demanding work, to continue working beyond 65. They would introduce a “transition” payment at the same level as NZ Super which could be accessed between the age of 65 and 67.’

    So at 65 Labour thinks you should go on a benefit until you are old enough to receive Super…..Is there anything Labour suggests that doesnt involve more people going on benefits?

  • GPT

    I suspect this could be fertile grounds for questioning of Labour candidates who are no doubt in delerium at such a policy.  Still can’t believe Key ruled it out. Madness.

    • Gazzaw

      Madness? Look at the current NZ Herald poll.

      • sthnjeff

        Herald Poll…about as much validity as a Campbell Live Poll. As an aside, it does not matter that a person may thin k that it is a godd idea. The question is will it change there mind and result in them voting Labour….probably not!

        • Gazzaw

          Maybe but 63% for and 28% against allows for a reasonable margin of error!

  • Paulus

    Do I understand that Maori will have special exemptions to this increase in age of eligibility ?

    • Thorn

      Please elaborate on this.

    • Gazzaw

      Not that I am aware of but there has been general discussion that given the poor Maori health stats that a higher percentage of Maori will not reach the age of 67.  Probably why
      Goff has put in a provision for transition payments which means that you can still get super at 65 if your health is poor.

  • lovinthatchangefeeling

    Barry Soper was on Newsdork this afternoon and mentioned he recently asked the smarmy, arrogant bastion of liberal elitism about the pension age raising issue. Silent T allegedly put his fore finger to his head and metaphorically pulled the trigger.  The inference seems to be a policy of political suicide

  • Troy

    Cunliffe is a smarmy wanker, his face drips of self-interest and adulation and I hate to say this publicly but i’d rather have Goff as leader any day over Cunliffe.

    • Gazzaw

      You’re not too far wrong Troy. He has no chance of becoming leader but he probably isnt aware of that. The public hate overly ambitious politicians particularly when they havent got the charisma to sell themselves. He strikes me as being insecure and is probably driven by the urge to become the primary breadwinner. Inadequate maybe? 

  • Navy Greg

    Agreed Troy, what is it with the “we know better than you ” condescending bullshit we are still getting from labour MP’s? Didn’t they fucking learn? Cunliffe is as slippery as cat shit on lino, pisses me off completely.

  • Bewildered

    Ummm.. Didn’t Goff himself say in July 2011 that he didn’t see any need to raise the age for ‘super’ above 65???

    Will the media call him on that?

  • Pete

    Please, please, Labour Party nobble Goff for Cunliffe and then I can spend my days in peace With Cunliffe as leader I would never have to worry about Labour will controlling the treasury benches again

  • ozzie

    You really do need to put the retirement age up over in NZ. Here in Oz they say there is going to be a problem once all the baby boomers start retiring – which they are starting to already.  Normally you can take your super out in one lump when you retire – they are going to stop it and only let people have it in several lump sums now otherwise the funds will run dry!! – and we have SO MUCH MORE $$ THAN YOU – NZ is going to be in SO MUCH TROUBLE if you dont do something very quickly! its madness not to put the age up and we have CGT (if someone has their savings taxed straight from their bank account how come the guy who makes his money on properties doesnt pay tax on the money he has made!!!)  you are only 1 of 3 counties in the OECD that doesn’t have CGT!!!  vote a party in that will sort your country out, not sell it!! oops i forgot you have already voted to sell half your country off!!!