What is it with Labour and camel jockeys?

A caption contest for you all. From the evil one’s Bookface page.

Nice to see the UNDP gets value for money out of Helen Clark. She left NZ to go and ride camels.


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  • Naylor

    Judith, Judith, look at me, I’m humping a camel

  • Anonymous

    The old three humped camel…..

  • skyver

    After returning from the UN, Helen finds that Judith has not shaved for a couple of months.

  • ChrisP

    Heather the camel gave me …two humps…..
    Heather the camel gave me……

  • Nic

    One has a face like a camel sucking a biscuit…
    The other is a camel

  • Nic

    That camel only had one hump before she got on!

  • Scanner

    Fuck that’s ugly, the camel doesn’t look that flash either.

  • Anonomis

    Dry hump. 

  • Lew Mackinnon

    I feel sorry for the camel. The shame of it all… 

  • johnopkb

    Happiest in between humps

  • notavictim

    Thats two more humps than Peter has ever had.

  • Anonomis

    That’s a big camel toe!

    • bb

      way too much camel toe in 1 photo for my liking. I think I will vomit now.

  • Sooty

    Which one is the camel?

  • Bill Barnsley

    Vets are scratching their heads to try and figure out how to seperate the 60 year old conjoined twin camels, if possible they will complete the gender reassignment procedure on the ugly one at the same time.

  • Boss Hogg

    Why do these people leave themselves so wide open to ridicule?

    I think we all know the answer – completely disconnected from reality, a bit like the Boss of North Korea perhaps.  Same basic philosophies.

  • thor42

    I’ll bet she stinks a LOT more than the camel does. 

  • Guest

    Spokesman for Green-Labour coalition promotes car-less days policy.

  • Anonymous

    “Oh God she’s rubbing her skank all over my humps, I’ll never get the smell out”

  • Doc

    Thank Allah for nose plugs…

  • Guest

    Hulun of Awabia

  • Gaza

    Come on Guy’s Lest we forget she helped us get the world cup