What is Labour doing in Epsom?

Sources inside Labour are telling this blog that there is disquiet within Labour at the tactics being employed in Epsom to destroy ACT.

Strategically destroying ACT makes sense for Labour as takes a coalition partner out, so National has to govern alone. As this blog has repeatedly pointed out National has almost no chance of regularly getting the 48% required to govern alone, so it is a sensible move from Labour to attack ACT.

Labour have got it wrong by running stupid attacks and lying and this is what is causing concern. One of the few Labour MPs with any degree of integrity in his past, David Parker, has to take responsibility for a hamfisted brochure attacking Banks. Then there are the untrue malicious rumours about Banks that no one is brave enough to publish because they know they will be sued.

Then in a fit of stupidity Parker has attacked the Sensible Sentencing Trust for donating to ACT in exchange for getting David Garrett a high list position. This is obviously untrue and Sensible Sentencing have referred this to their solicitors. SST have plenty of lawyers who work pro bono so Parker is likely to have to make a full and groveling apology for lying or face legal action and more news cycles labeling him as nasty and a liar.

Only Labour in 2011 could come up with a good strategy and then bugger up the execution.