What is Russian for Rudman?

It looks like the Russians have their very own Brian Rudman screaming for a new theatre.

Perhaps Brian could emigrate to Moscow now that the Bolshoi has been revamped at a cost of about US$390,000 per seat”

Arts critic Sergey Khodnev of the Kommersant newspaper has been following the twists and turns of the Bolshoi restoration for years.

“Nowadays nobody knows which was the sum, exactly. We can presume it was about 22 billion roubles, or about slightly less than $800 million,” he said.

This works out to be roughly $390,000 for each of the Bolshoi’s 2,040 seats.

The lavish spending is a profound change for the famous theatre from Soviet times when Stalin addressed party congresses here and the communist party stripped the Bolshoi of any signs of luxury.