Where has Labour’s website gone?

It looks like Labour have had another website stuff up.

Their site appears to have been down for most of the day. Since about 11am all you get is this:

Doesn’t look like they own much of anything let along our future.

UPDATE: More than 7 hours later and teh site is still down, But Clare Curran says Labour is playing to win!

UPDATE 2: 10 hours and counting, Labour’s main site is down, Red Alert is still up though. Labour doesn’t own the present, how can they pretend to own the future.


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  • SHG

    Looks like whoever set the website up (“Image Centre Limited”) 

    a) used two of their own nameservers for DNS, and
    b) both those nameservers are on the same subnet (210.79.48.*), and
    c) that subnet has lost connectivity so nothing is resolving, including ownourfuture.co.nz.

    (b) is a noob mistake.

  • kevin

    labour is one big stuff-up. I can’t understand anyone wanting to be associated with ‘them’.

  • Tarbash

    Maybe they had to take it down to put a password on it.

  • Jam_Sammie

    Symptoms of clueless luddites…

  • priceless

  • Carly

    To use Clare’s words: seems like an IT fail…..

  • Lcmortensen

    And they’ve got the No-Dinner Dinner tonight! Guessing I won’t be getting my “Trevor’s Homemade Mallard Sausages with Hash Brownlee (deep-fried couch potato)” and will have to settle for precooked sausages and mashed potato!

    • Guest

      The No Website Website.

  • Jimmy

    Careful, I think this might be a ruse to
    distract right wing bloggers while labour actually campaigns to people who
    might walk away from their computers long enough to vote come the election.


    • Jester

      You had me right up to where you said “labour actually campaigns”

      Then I knew you were bull shitting us.

  • SHG

    Can’t remember the last time I went anywhere without a computer in my pocket.

  • Elma Fudd

    Where has Labours website gone ?
    Pardon ? Can anyone name someone who actually cares ?

  • Lcmortensen

    The IT techs may be still hung over from the win last night. Main Labour site is working, but not the Own Our Future site.

  • Stuart Laing

    Cam  where you taking a little stroll through their computer system again and just happened to kick the front door shut as you left.

  • Doug

    Labour is supposed to look after workers but when it comes
    to paying penalty rates on a Holliday to repair their site no way.

  • thor42

    I blame Helen Clark.  She was at the rugby last night and tried to use her bad mojo to help beat the ABs.
    ( She almost succeeded. ) 
     Some of that mojo is still floating around, and given that the Clark-beast is from Labour, it is no surprise that her evil found a home in Labour’s website, thereby taking it down.  

  • Nobody

    0835 On Monday and still down………

  • SHG

    I notice the site is up now. DNS has been moved to a DNS provider called zonomi. Why does that name ring a bell? Hmmm… zonomi is a free DNS provider.

    Money MUST be tight.