Why do Labour lie?

David Parker requested the opportunity of a guest post on Kiwiblog, probably because Trevor Mallard won’t let him post on Red Alert. Farrar, because?he is a pinko, obliged. Apart from being tl;dr it is full of lies.

And now you would have to say that Parker has turned an opportunity into a liability by lying:

Some are also aware Act knew this when they took a large donation from the misnamed Sensible Sentencing Trust and made Garrett Act?s law and order spokesperson.

Farrars commenters set about tearing apart Parker.

Nick Kearney, who was Party Secretary in 2008, was into this straight away confirming that Act has never, ever?received?a single cent from the Sensible Sentencing Trust. Indeed Electoral Commission records prove this. [Return 1: 2008, Return 2: 2008]

Not only that David Garrett also confirms that the SST never gave a cent to Act, or indeed any other party.

UPDATE: The Sensible Sentencing Trust has also now confirmed that David Parker lied. The SST has never made a donation to Act.

Labour politicians seems to prefer to lie at first drop, a simple search of?Electoral?Commission records proves the lie. Why do it? You get caught every time.

With this guest post David Parker, though, has again confirmed that Labour is the nasty party. They are quite happy to lie, defame and denigrate in order to place their grasping hands on the levers of power.

David Parker should issue an apology forthwith.