November 2011

Twitter Updates for 2011-11-30

  • @CactusKate2 Me too, I like the ability of Cunners to appeal to the base and his poor person accents are cool #
  • @CactusKate2 I think Cunliffe could appeal to all those who left Labour at the end of the 80s, who are currently homeless #
  • The Kiwi Bloggers Daily is out! ▸ Top stories today via @whaleoil #
  • @hdpaONENEWS that is code for they will sue you if you get it wrong #
  • @CactusKate2 global warming is a hoax…so my daughter told her teacher #
  • @hdpaONENEWS believe them…they are German, they don't have a word for fluffy #
  • @Inventory2 and then tells everyone that Shearer leaves the toilet seat up, how he knows that probably cost him the leadership #
  • Shearer won hands down on Close up, viewers agree, he will be a great leader for Labour #
  • @Inventory2 Parker has no faith…he said it…Shearer all the way #
  • @hdpaONENEWS yes please and then he can share stories with Mark Mitchell #
  • @hdpaONENEWS he so nicked that line off @dpfdpf #
  • @Inventory2 Parker's reply "Youth Leader" and "No Faith" made him sound like a pedo scout leader and a loser all in one go #yuk #
  • @LewStoddart I'm a member of #teamshearer if he wins I'll join the Labour party #
  • @LewStoddart he believes in God, doorsteps Somali warlords, saves orphans, and want to privatise peacekeeping, wots not to like #teamshearer #
  • @CactusKate2 Colin Craig likes spending money like water on politics maybe he will buy #teamshearer #
  • Posts from Whale Oil Beef Hooked | A blog by Cameron Slater for 01/12/2011 – #
  • @Inventory2 he won't be back just quietly #

No Half Sucked Throaties

It’s official, a study has found that chicks don’t dig blokes with bodies like half sucked throaties:

It’s a few thousand years since most of our ancestors hunted wild animals, but a study suggests New Zealand women still look for mates who are physically big and strong.

The study, based on birth records for the five years to the end of last year, shows European women are far more likely to partner with men of ethnic groups that tend to be bigger and stronger – Pacific, Middle Eastern and African men – than European men are to partner with women from the same groups.

Conversely, European men are far more likely to partner with Asian women, who tend to be smaller, than Asian men are to partner with European women.

It is kind of obvious, someone with the body of a half sucked throatie doesn’t look like they feed themselves let alone a partner and family.


Good on the Maori party

The Maori party has called for parliament to act on name suppression:

The Maori Party is calling for name suppression laws to change as soon as possible, after a former All Black was granted name suppression after pleading guilty to assaulting a child.

He appeared in Auckland District Court yesterday charged with the September assault, the New Zealand Herald reports.

Another former All Black appeared in Wellington District Court two weeks ago, charged with assaulting his partner while celebrating the All Blacks’ World Cup final victory, resisting police and possessing cannabis. He was also given name suppression.

Maori Party co-leader Tariana Turia has slammed the most recent name suppression.

“In this morning’s paper we have the ludicrous situation of two individuals involved in cases of child assault – one protected and the other exposed to public scrutiny,” Ms Turia said.

She was referring to the case of Auckland mother Mellissa Anderson, who was refused name suppression while facing charges for allegedly slapping a 14-year-old girl who attacked her daughter, Summer, outside school last week.

Ms Turia says it “makes a mockery of the justice system” that a 13-year-old girl’s identity was released into the public arena, while a former All Black can keep his name secret.

“For former All Black players, there appears to be another set of standards at play,” she said.

I said at the time that Simon Power’s law changes would be ignored by Judges. I know the law doesn’t come into effect for several more months but I rpredict that the status quo will continue to exist. The law changes didn’t go far enough in removing name suppression and protecting the innocent victims.

Now an ex-All Black is smearing the names of other former team mates through his cowardice.

Mental Health Break

A reader suggestion:

The greatest of praise

You know you are effective when the arch-leftist mouthpiece and apologist blames you for the election disaster of the leftwing. Nicky Hager has attacked me and David Farrar:

Another element of the election worth mentioning is the careless use by the news media of the National party-linked bloggers David Farrar and Cameron Slater (‘Whale Oil’). Both bloggers affect independence (and, in Farrar’s case, this probably used to be partly true), but nowadays both act as tools of the National Party: spinning, smearing and releasing information in which the party does not want to be directly involved.

Farrar is the National Party’s main pollster and so is intimately tied into party business. Therefore it is surprising (no, thoughtless and stupid) of media organisations to use Slater as a regular source of news and Farrar as a commentator. Fairfax allowed Farrar to be one of its main election bloggers on the Stuff website leading up to the election and other media used him regularly to give comment. He was part of TVNZ’s election-night coverage. Using former politicians and party officers can be informative and useful for readers and viewers, but giving the status of commentator roles to current party officers and activists who are actively campaigning and spinning, especially at election time, is irresponsible and needs to stop.

I think Nicky Hager is just jealous that his book sank without a trace and it was me that was making the play with Labour’s website balls-up, the SIS briefing lies of Phil Goff and numerous other stories that I broke through out the year.

I will take the attack by Nicky Hager as a feather in my cap that he considers my blogging to be so effective a tool against the left wing that he is calling for me to be boycotted by mainstream media. I think my net-worth as a commentator just jumped through the roof.

David and I often joke about Nicky Hager bugging our phones and hope he never publishes the transcripts of our evil plots. I must run along and get my office swept for listening devices now.

Labour’s leadership battle

The tipline is running very hot with all sorts of information about the various factions inside labour and the battles, loyalties and muck-raking going on.

Already David Cunliffe is moaning about muck-raking:

“I think there might have been a little bit of spiking of the guns by someone, I’m not accusing my colleagues here, but people put tags around for their own reasons and I’m not going to responding in kind to that.

“I know that I’ve got lots of good relationships and I’ve built a really, really strong team in my own electorate, and I think that speaks for itself.”

He really should go have a chat to Annette King and with Goff’s staffers about that, they are spending a lot of time besmirching Cunliffe’s good name to anyone who will listen. I think it is retribution for their perception that Cunliffe set up Goff in the now infamous “Show me the Money” debate.

Keep sending in the tips. It takes time to sort through them all and verify and cross check but I will get to them.

Name Suppression – Compare and Contrast

Two stories, two different outcomes:

Ex AB who bashes his kid – name suppression
Regular mum who defends her child – fully identified including photgraphs

The contrast in the two cases shows how contemptible name suppression has become. Basically if you are famous and can afford a reasonable lawyer the courts will protect your fame even when you commit infamous crimes against children.

I hope Judith Collins gets the job of Justice Minister so she can do what Simon Power was too afraid to do.

An email from a Winston supporter

via the tipline

From: Hans Meier

You and Hut’n lost all discussions against Winston and are not capable to win a legal case against him.

You on the other hand are convicted in front of NZ courts and you are found many times using your blog to defame and lie.

Same with the poll results.
National was favored in almost all polls and NZ First was disadvantaged. You have lost credibility and you and Mafjew Hut’n survive only by living an unproductive life as mascots of the National Party and their bankster leader John Key, who has never been productive in his whole life, but has always lived on other people’s money and support from other financial fraudsters of the Multinational Banks in the US. Stop prostituting yourself to National, who are selling out this beautiful country.

Nice bit of anti-semitic racism from this NZ First supporter. Probably is one of Kyle Champan’s friends with a small penis.

Great Political Smackdowns

New series, feel free to send them in via the tipline:

Today is a smackdown from Democrat Barney Frank:

Does Patsy have anything positive to offer?

Lianne Dalziel reckons she is going to have a crack at mayor, this after she blogged that she wasn’t going to when prompted by me to comment.

For such an experienced politician Lianne got her lines badly wrong. She talks about herself and not about Christchurch.

Dalziel said yesterday there were no guarantees the seat would remain within its current boundaries, or even exist, after the March 2013 census.

“I will stay full term but I’m not going to rule out going for the mayoralty because I don’t know what’s going to happen to the boundaries,” she said.

What Lianne should have said is “I am a Christchurch woman through and through and I want to contribute to the rebuild of Christchurch the best way I can. The people of Christchurch need fresh leadership, leadership with the vision to include all, to broaden the community’s involvement in the rebuild and to rebuild our city into a better place.”

One thing for certain about Lianne Dalziel, when she says she wont be doing anything it is more likely she is. I called her on this in 2009, she denied it and now with her facing the prospects of a lengthy time in opposition she is no longer offering any guarantees.