2008 Redux

In 2008 there was a secret tape scandal, again it was Duncan Garner who led the charge on that as well.

His words in 2008 are interesting given the parallels of 2008 campaign with this campaign, including?the?personal smears on John Key by Labour. I blogged his words back then:

Duncan Garner who was complicit in those attacks knows this to be true because he finished up his?latest post?with a sneak preview of the latest TV3 poll that will show Labour not gaining a thing from all of a beat up and subtlely hinting that it was Labour?s plan all along.

So National has been on the front foot this week and that may just help them in the polls. The secret tapes played out badly for National and especially for?Bill English. They may take a small hit ? but I wouldn?t bet on it. Many voters don?t like how the information was gathered.

So Labour might not do as well out of this as it had hoped. Helen Clark was hoping the ?secret tapes? would be a turning point in Labour?s fortunes. If it?s not, what?s her plan now? Does she have one? Labour?s told people how dangerous the Nats are. But perhaps no one?s been listening.

I would bet that Labour’s focus groups are saying teh same thing they have said all year. Stop the nasty, stop the personal attacks, it doesn;t work. I’ll bet that both Labour and National have polled the tea-tapes issue in the last few days and I will bet that they say the same thing. People aren;t interested in it.

Labour again have banked it all on a secret tape scandal, aided and abetted by a nihilist media. Labour have gambled all their remaining cash on a last ditch personal attacks series featuring John Key. Labour will rue these decisions in 9 days time.

Every day that passes now with the media focussing on 8 minutes of boring tapes also is a day not focussing on issues Labour desperately needs focus on. Every day sees John Key using Phil Goff’ lines about focussing on the things that matter to Kiwi voters against him as Phil Goff continues to slander and smear.