An apology to Judith?

Cactus Kate certainly thinks that Labour should apologise to Judith Tizard and the numbers back her up:

In 2008 the Greens didn’t openly assist at all and Tizard was allegedly deserted by her own supporters but with specials to count, Tizard is outpolling on raw numbers against Ardern 13,180 to 11,823. Even if on specials Ardern passes this mark it is quite clear the vote swapping that was orchestrated in the Labour-Greens dirty deal. Kaye has kicked her arse all over the electorate.

Of more importance, Ardern, in an effort to win the seat for herself by co-operation with the Greens oversaw a disastrous plummet in Labour list vote from Tizard’s 12,166 (34.55%) to Ardern’s 7,125 (26.04%). Such tactics nationwide of candidate over party largely attributed to Labour not picking up extra MP’s and pressuring the National lead.

Labour therefore owe Judith Tizard a huge apology.


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  • Peter Wilson

    Who the hell is Judith Tizard?

  • Cactus Kate

    Kind of my point Peter