Another Great Play by Elizabeth Warren

For those who don?t know Elizabeth Warren is the woman that gave the great campaign speech defending taxes on the wealthy.

She also knows how to be a good retail politician. It is hard to think of anyone on the left that could have dealt with this question as well as Warren does here.

I said: ?I?d like to talk about the issue that is most on the minds of Massachusetts voters. Were the Red Sox right to let Theo Epstein and Terry Francona go, and what do you think of theGlobe?s coverage of the issue??

That seems snide, but it isn?t: Martha Coakley got tripped up on a question like this: she thought that Curt Schilling had pitched for the Yankees. I wanted to see how she?d handle it. She first said, ?It?s terrible that Theo has left. The Red Sox are really going to miss him. He got us two world championships.? So she didn?t miss a beat. But notice: she didn?t criticize the Red Sox management. That?s not a fight she wants to get into. It was an excellent way to deflect the question.

Then I pushed ahead. ?But what about the Globe?s coverage?? This was a tricky one, because the Globe figures to support the Democratic nominee, so she wouldn?t want to make more enemies. On the other hand, lots of people…think that the Globe has essentially helped the Red Sox management hang Francona out to dry, smearing him on the way out with accusations of alcohol use.

She paused. And then she said, ?well at least they are holding someone accountable.? Everyone laughed.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is a good retail politician. She didn?t defend the Globe?s coverage, but she didn?t attack it, and then she stayed on message with a question that had nothing to do with her message, i.e. holding Wall Street accountable.