Anyone recognise this person?

via the tipline

This is the first footage of a vandal attacking a National sign in New Lynn. I have more.

The person climbed up and wrote the word “liar” on John Key’s face, this billboard was also attacked with the Green aligned attack stickers on 16/11.

I now have the details of the owner of the Honda Logo. More to come.


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  • 2123

    Sue bradford?

  • Cadwallader

    Has simian clambering skills.

  • RIGHTchoice

    glad to see our night vision cam finally got someone, its possibly david cunliffe, he can feel tim grosser closing in on his beloved seat.

  • Anonymous

    May those that are caught on camera and identified, be taken to the cleaners as they should well be…

    The law is as soft as jelly on stuff like this, pathetic it is..

  • Orca

    Auckland Councillor Wayne Walker?

    • Close.

      • BJ

        It looks like Gareth Hughs profile and climbing is listed as his favourite pastime on the Green Party website.

        • lovinthatchangefeeling

          Silent T . He drove over from his multi-million dollar house in Herne Bay to “defend” his ‘hood

      • Guest

        Len brown?

  • Jimmy

    Yeti!  Defiantly a Yeti.