Breaking old promises to pay for new promises

Labour has released their figures in what could easily be?described?as the ?Friday Funny Money Hour.

Labour is quoting heroic returns from the state owned energy companies to try to make its fairy tale numbers look more credible. ?The problem for Phil Goff is that he’s already promised Labour would forgo dividends from power companies. Did he lie to the Labour Party faithful during his speech to their congress in 2009?

And was Charles Chauvel lying when he said this?

Labour yesterday called on the Government to stop taking big profits from the electricity state-owned enterprises (SOEs).

“The Government could do this today, with the instant result of lower electricity prices for hard-working Kiwi families and better security of supply from renewable energy,” Labour energy spokesman Charles Chauvel said.

The Government should tell electricity SOEs to cut dividend payments and invest the money in renewable generation that could flatten power price rises, he said

Labour is breaking old promises in order to pay for their new promises and in the process making them look irresponsible with the finacnes of the nation. Michael Cullen worked so hard to give Labour a veneer of respectability on finacial matters and Phil Goff and David Cunliffe have a few short days?destroyed?that?veneer?utterly.