Challenge to Green Leadership

I know this blogsite is being monitored by Green Party activists as part of their online ‘mission’ programme.

Tonight I am laying down a challenge for Green activists and particularly the Green leadership.

Russel Norman and Metria Turei need to answer two simple questions:

  1. Do they stand by their statement that the Green Party has not been involved in hoarding vandalism, and the damage that has occurred is not connected to their campaign?
  2. What steps would they take if a senior Green Party official was accused of billboard vandalism?

Meanwhile, tonight I am asking readers for help with any late night sightings of a vehicle that looks like this, particularly in the New Lynn area… and around hoardings.


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  • James Stephenson

    I’m picking that the rule “Never ask a question if you don’t already know the answer.” is significant here…

    • Considering that Whaleoil wrote the Whaleoil’s Rules of Politics, I think that’s a pretty safe bet James. The old saying “death by a thousand leaks” comes to mind…

  • kevin

    Or, how about  “ask the question when you know what the answer should be”… is more likely.

  • max_power

    I know this blogsite is being monitored by Green Party activists as part of their online ‘mission’ programme.

    Excellent. So everything we say about the Gweens is transmitted directly into Gween party HQ. I imagine it’s some sort of darkened long narrow room filled with row upon row of spotty-faced teenage computer geeks whose mum likes the Gweens. Is that right boys? Is that what its like?

    Let us know. 

  • Anonymous

    Gold. Just wish the media was paying attention..

  • Silly Greenies

    Looks like that shit little yellow car off The Inbetweeners. Your average Green Party member is about as clever as a character from it, too.

  • Andrew McMillan

    Russel Norman garnered respect from pretty much everyone (except notably Mana’s Sue Bradford) when he delt to Jolyon White’s vandalism campaign. The problem is, in doing so he’s set a precedent. He’s said the Greens campaign fair and the party won’t tolerate vandalism. In terms of Norman’s actions, they were swift and firm.

    Although, the one thing I’d suggest he did get wrong, was in delaying an in-depth investigation of Greens involvement in the vandalism until after the election.

    If it turns out, as the article seemingly speculates, that a senior official in the Greens has carried out vandalism since the initial vandalism campaign, then to maintain his respect this time, Norman needs to not only be both swift and firm, but also thorough.

    • I disagree Andrew. Yes; Norman handled the initial situation with gravitas and his apology seemed genuine. He also advised that he had canvassed his MP’s, and that no-one had any prior knowledge or involvement. If it transpires that senior Greens or even MP’s were in any way involved, Norman’s credibility is going to take a huge hit.

      • Guest

        He’d have to resign. 

        What a fucking pity – hell the greens shouldn’t be allowed to contest the election in the first place.

  • Jimd

    Is the official Normans EA?

  • Blinky

    This is a true harpooning, with a harpoon the initial hit causes major pain and some damage. But it’s afterwards the major damage occurs, the slow bleed out causing the target to go into reactive only survival mode and then shock. And then the real pain and killing damage begins, a harpoon is viciously barbed and as it’s pulled it destroys the target. 

  • Guest

    Christ I’d love to see those self righteous green cunts in jail for corrupt practice – 5 years isn’t it? 

  • Northbynorthwest

    I believe [WO: Need confirmation via tipline] Drives a Yellow Logo….. you didnt hear it from me